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    BSA info help please

    Has anyone heard of a BSA Golden Streak? It has a 531 decal. Haven't seen it in person but curious if it's worth having. It is a frame only no other components.
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    Benotto Cromor question

    I recently got a Benotto frameset. I was on another site inquiring about what it is, model name , year, etc... No one there seemed to know much at all. Have any of you guys seen one like this or know anything about it? I assume it might be from the 90's maybe. The first and second pictures are...
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    Need help with model ID of Benotto frame

    Has anyone seen a Benotto like thhis before? The 3 main tubes all have that spiral fluted tubing. I just got one myself but it does not have a model name on it and a web search comes up with noting other than a couple photos with no information.
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    Peugeot rodebike with Nervex pro lugs

    I'm looking for a usable frameset with the Nervex professional lug set and cast rear dropouts. Like the PX10 but does not need to be a PX. It does not need to be pretty. It can even be rusty. For a project bike. Show me what you have please.
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    Peugeot PX10

    Looking for a usable PX10 frameset. Doesn't need to be pretty just not rusted or dented. Looking for late 60's to early 70's. 50 - 60 +- frame size. Let me know what you have. Would need to be shipped to Florida USA. ... 0_1968.jpg
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    Vitus 979 Question

    I just got a 979 with serial number E038376 does that make it a March 1978 model? Or a 79 model built in 78? It has mostly Spidel parts and the Vitus decal on the fork is different than the others I have seen. The front wheel is missing, the ones pictured in the first photos are spares so I...
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    Anyone now about Desmarais bicycles?

    I just picked this up today. Sorry about the pix but they are from the C/L posting, I will get some better ones latter. I searched online but there is virtually nothing about this brand except that it is from Canada and was somehow connected to Limongi. There is a minor blurb on velobase but...
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    Need help with a mystery Rossin frame please

    I just picked up this Rossin Quattro frame and it is a mystery to me. Every Quattro frame I have seen with crimped tubing is white and red. This one seems to have been originally green and yellow. I have searched everywhere for anything on a Quattro frame in green and yellow and have found...
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    Any Zullow people out there?

    I recently purchased this Zullow Special as a fixie from Craigslist and promptly put it back as a proper geared road bike with parts I had. Can anyone tell me about what year this frame is and what groupset it may of had? There are no serial numbers on it.
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    LOOK KG 176

    Does anyone know where I could get a set of decals a Look KG 176? I have searched several sites online without luck, Cyclomundo,H.Lloyd, VeloCals, BiCals and World Cycles.
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    Cyclops decal info please

    I am looking for a set of Cyclops decals, not the "built for" ones but the "painted by" ones. Does anyone know of a full or partial set anywhere? Possibly someplace that does reproductions? I have searched everywhere I know of with no luck. It seems to be hard to find anyone that has heard of...
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    Help identify LOOK frame

    I just picked up a Look frame for a good deal. It has been repainted in a non original paint job. There seems to be very limited info online so I hope you guys can help me out. As far as I can tell from searching the internet it is a KG176. Everything matches up to online pictures of a 176 but...
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    Thoughts about repainting a frame as another brand

    What is your guys opinion on repainting a frame from one manufacturer to resemble something from another manufacturer? Such as, painting something affordable like something that is relatively unaffordable. Providing it is somehow marked as not real, and is not being done to defraud another...
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    Is this a real DeRosa?

    I have not seen one like this have any of you guys? It states "competition" on the chain stay but I don't find anything similar online. The fork crown, seat stay and chain B/B are pantographed DeRosa so I would believe it was manufactured by them. The headset says DeRosa also. But I can not find...
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    Need help identifying this tt lopro frame

    Can anyone help me id this frame? The previous owner knew nothing about it. It has Gipiemme rear dropouts. The rear brake cable routes thru the top tube, there are short tubular inserts in the top tube. The shifter mounts are on top of the downtube on a bracket that has no name on it. The...