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    Show us your Cannondale

    What a stonker of a paint job! Id love to find me one of those.
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    The MTB Introduce Yourself Here Thread V

    Hi! Kieran here, a bit of a newbie to mountain biking in general. I've been converted by a friend after years of riding mainly track and road bikes, mainly for comfort reasons on my day to day commuter. Really enjoying renovating early/mid 90s bikes, with a bit of a soft spot for GTs as that's...
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    For Sale Kona Cinder Cone Race Lite 1992

    Lovely bike, GLWS. Id be all over it if it was a little smaller!
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    Wanted Cannondale m700 18/19"

    Hey folks! Ive recently been converted to the joys of mountain bikes after riding road and fixed for years. My GT Tequesta is now my everyday ride, but soon being converted into a cargo bike for work, so I'm on the look out for a replacement. As the title suggests, looking for a nice 'dale...
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    For Sale Cannondale frames for sale and Klein

    Hey pal, Is the m700 still available?