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    Stella SX 73 - Winter project

    I picked this hot mess of a bike up as a winter project. Getting close to finishing it up finally, it's been an adventure. Bike didn't look to be all that bad when I got it but had obviously sat for a very long time. All the grease was dried up in everything and took some serious solvents to...
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    My Duell Vienna is finally built up and it's a beauty

    Found this last year as a frame. Spent some time sourcing a nice Campagnolo setup and then had it built up. Not sure of the actual year it was built but I'm guessing mid 90's since it's made with Columbus EL OS. I've only put around 50 -60 miles on it so far but they have been fast miles...
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    Trying to find out about this Concorde Frame

    I picked up this frame a couple of months ago but research and asking around has not given me an answer on the frame as to who make it, what tubing, etc. I found a Diamant bike with the same paint scheme, logos, and "Blitz" decal. I know Martelly built some Diamant's so I asked Eddy about this...
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    Duell Vienna 1996ish frame

    I am still a total failure at downsizing. This frame kept popping up at places I frequent and catching my eye. Finally my resistance broke down and I contacted the seller. Worked out a deal and the other day this baby showed up at my door. First off, I will say this was the best packed frame...
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    Help ID LECOULANT bike maker, please

    Ok, another sorta, maybe, mystery bike to ID. You folks have come through in the past so giving it another try. Picked this up recently and the owner wasn't really certain of lineage but thought it might be Gitane. I went though all the 80s Gitane catalogs and don't find anything with frame...
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    1987/88 Schwinn Prologue TT - Vintage Time Trail Funny Bike

    Took the first pics of this yesterday since finishing the build.
  7. J

    The NOS Vitus Argal is now built, modern yet classic.

    So, this winter I scored a "used" but new Ultegra 8000 groupset at a great price and went looking for a NOS frame to put it on. I came upon this one at an Italian site and after some negotiating I pulled the trigger. Hard to find info on it but I did find out it uses a rare 24.3 seatpost which...
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    Vitus Argal - Anyone know anything about these?

    Picked this frame up recently on a whim but can't find much about them. I did find one mention in an old Vitus Catalog. Mine is 130mm rear spacing but I also found a post or two online mentioning 126mm spacing so maybe they were made for awhile? It'll be built up with a Ultegra R8000...
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    Paletti frame, next project

    Just thought I'd share this here, my latest find. It's a beautifully built and painted Paletti but I have no clue as to the model. Currently planning on building it up with a Campagnolo 10 speed Record groupset I have on hand. Mix in some Eurus rims and Cinelli bars and I think it'll turn out...
  10. J

    Old Ribble steel bike made by Martelly? Pic heavy

    This showed up locally and I was curious. Honestly don't know who made this or if it's really a Ribble. Here's what I've found so far, Columbus SL tubing according to the badge. The are ridges on the inside of the fork steerer and the whole seat tube looks smooth inside. It's got a nice...
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    Giordana Polaris - Italian Magic

    This one languished on sale for awhile but after a price drop noticed right after returning from a ride on my Giordana Antares I pulled the trigger. This is the 3rd Giordana to make it's way into my stable and all 3 are amazingly good bikes. This one is SLX tubed with a dang near mind Dura Ace...
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    1986 Fuji Team fell into my lap

    I am trying to downsize a bit as the bike cave is way overflowing here lately. But this one was too cheap, and too nice to pass up. About the only real issue were dry rotted tires and hoods. Everything else seems just fine. This is how I picked it up. And some detailed shots after a...
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    My Bob Jackson - Don't know much about these.

    Thought I'd share another one of my bikes. This is a Bob Jackson I got locally in Utah a couple of years ago. I was told it was Reynolds 531 but there's not decals on it. It did have a cycleart repaint sometime in the past. I find it to be a very fun ride and pretty fast. It does feel a...
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    Lemond GLX - Gan

    Picked this up recently. Still trying to sort it all out. I've seen various versions of these. Some brazed, some lugged, some with Gan Decals, some without, some with number tags, some without. Awhile ago I missed one with a certificate stating it was some number out of 100. I don't think...