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    sophie mcroys salsa jellybean

    anyone on here get this this morning? was advertised on fb marketplace but then advert disappeared
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    gt zaskar build

    hi all, I've been busy since finishing my heckler. I picked up this 98 zaskar frame off dom kerry on here, I know the purists will hate that i stripped an ink blue frame, but it was the right price and frame at the time. dont give me any shit, ive had enough from the zaskar community over on fb...
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    hope xc disc/mavic d521 32h 3x spoke length

    can anyone confirm please, is this a reputable website?
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    Wanted d521 silver 36h

    any one have one kicking about in good condition please
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    Wanted rockshox judy canti studs circa 98

    wanted for 98 judy with one piece lowers, cheers
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    Wanted hope big un, 9mm qr blue end caps

    any one got a pair, can trade for black ones or pay, cheers
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    Wanted 73mm square taper xt bb

    if possible
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    frame dent removal

    hi all, any body managed to remove shallow dents in aluminium frames?
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    spoke length q

    hi all, I have an xt rear 32h parallax hub and a mavic d521 rim, I checked a spoke length calculator and it's said 258mm driveside and 260mm non driveside. can anyone confirm please I can't measure an old one as the wheel was so badly built every spoke was a different length!🤦‍♂️
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    sneaky Dale in manchester some nice kit on there.
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    For Sale sneaky cannondale for sale Manchester looks like judy sl, xt v, flite and middleburns in there! bit far for me unfortunately, but if anyone on here gets it and wants to do a deal on the middleburns😉
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    97 rockshox judy xl paint code

    does anyone have any idea on the paintcode please
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    rockshox judy xl damper help please!!!!

    hi all, looking for a bit of help. i purchased a set of rockshox judy xl forks. 98 i believe. ive stripped them down, and they seem to have the type 3 spring system in. this is the damper. ive trawled the internet and service manuals and cannot find any info on it. it doesnt look like any in the...
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    For Sale shimano deore lx m563 7spd freehub body

    fantastic condition, bearing face is unmarked, splines are free of any marks or wear. removed from as new hub to change for 8spd body, hence sale, £12.50 posted
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    deore lx hub m563

    hi all, I've got a wheelset for my 97 heckler build, that are pretty much new, built onto 230tib rims, as they are in such good condition, I want to use them, however, the cassette body only takes a 7spd cassette, I've tried an 8spd cassette but the small cog doesn't fit on the freehub body. can...
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    97 santa cruz heckler finished for now

    hi all, picked up this heckler frame last week, it was in a sorry state. the shock mount has a cracked weld which can be sorted, I got it for 30 quid and the original shock for a tenner so I took a punt. I've stripped it down, sent the front triangle away to have the bottle bosses replaced as...
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    95 kona fire mountain 19"

    Resprayed. No rust dents or cracks. Very good condition. New saddle stem and all cables. Xt vs and rear mech and shifter lever combos. Hope fatso front on mavic sup ceramic rim. Lx rear on mavic sup ceramic rim. Lx chainset on xtr bb. Bontrager risers. Comes with schwalbe slicks, charge...
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    fs: kona '96 fire mountain 19"

    Hi there, for sale is a 19" 96 kona fire mountain. Frame was stripped last year and powder coated baby blue with the forks in cream powdercoat with new decals fitted. There was no rust present anywhere on the frame and forks when stripped and no dents or dings. Kona p2 forks, Xt v's, xt...
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    95 rockshox judy xc question

    Is it possible to retrofit a type 3 spring assembly to this fork. I bought a pair with a knackered mcu stack and wondered if the type 3 kit would fit correctly instead of sourcing a n mcu replacement. Any help appreciated
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    nos xt h/set and girvin flex stem

    NOS XT threaded headset 1 1/8 in silver, cartridge bearings, fitted to my frame and forks, but stack height was to tall for the steerer length, so fitted but unused. £25 posted. (one small knick to the inside of the bottom cup from removal but will not affect performance and will not be seen...