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    Unknown Allin bike theead

    I've recently been given what is marked up as an ALLIN but im not too sure. There isn't a frame number on the left chainstay, I think it's got Nervex lugs and it's got a revited Allin badge on the headtube. The only numbers i can find are on the BB shell and is 1812. Couple of pics below Any...
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    Raleigh Serial Number deciphering

    Hi, I've just picked up an old Raleigh racer I think from the early 80's. The very rough paint is in the team colours of red with black head tube but it has no decals to identify it by, when I got home I took a picture of the serial number on the bottom of the bottom bracket I think at most...
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    Vinatge ALLIN toruing bike No 2408

    For Sale Believed to be built in 1981/82 just after Peter Cobb retired maybe by Ray Moore from the Allin shop at Whitehorse Road Croydon. Reynolds 531 tubing Campag headset, hubs, shifters, dropouts. Strongarm cranks Mifac Racing brake calipers. Cinelli quill and handlebar. Weinsmann brake...
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    Vintage Allin bike paint touch up to sell ?

    Hi I've got an early eighties Allin bike that I'm planning to sell. It's got a couple of rust patches coming through just below the rear calliper bosses. Now is it worth rubbing back and trying to paint match just to sell the bike ? Chris
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    Allin of croydon information needed

    Hi, i've been given an ALLIN road bike by a retiring family member and I wanted to try and find out more information about it. The number stamped on the left chainstay is 2804, which by what i've found goes waaaaay beyond what some websites say allin made. The headtube badge is the later one...
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    1998 Specialized FSR Elite main pivot bearings

    Hi all, I recently got a specialized fsr elite short frame no rear triangle, now I already had a full suspension rockhopper of a similar age with an enduro rear triangle. So i'm trying to make the elite from the two bikes, my issues are that the rockhopper never had a factory correct parts for...
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    1999 Specialized FSR ELITE or PRO frame ...

    Hi, i'm after a frame from one of these bikes with or without rear triangle, shocks, BB or headset. If you have one, know of one can you respond on here of pm me. cheers chris brook
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    possible wanted forum scam

    Hi, i'm not sure weather this person saw my wanted on this forum or singletrack but their name is vojtech chaloupka from the czech republic. <> is his email. I advertised if anyone had a 1999 specialized fsr elite, pro or max backbone that they wanted to sell and he...
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    Specialized fsr elite, pro or max backbone

    Hi, after been away from bikes for almost 15 years i'm slowly getting back into it... having sold a 1999 specialized fsr comp in those years, now regretting it... i'm after another. But this time an elite, pro or max backbone. either full bike (original or not) or just the framest give me a...