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    XT M730 Donor Bike (Sharkfin Inc)

    Yes but look at that chainset.....😅🤔
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    Factorycol's feedback thread

    Good comms and fast payment from Factorycol. Cheers Col.
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    Proflex 856 with Vectors, XT, Onza tyres £250 BIN (King's Lynn)

    I do miss Answer's aggressor grips .....😍
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    Wanted quill, 1 1/8" or 1 1/4" black early 90s stem... zero degree, no more than 135mm

    I have a cattleprod for sale here
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    Things which were made of cheese. The nightmare recalled.

    I think the Tioga Disc drive should go high up on this list and especially as the retail price of the things weren't exactly cheap. We all wanted one bitd and when we did actually buy them they didnt last that long if regulary ridden and raced and of course right...
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    For Sale Syncros Cattleprod 1 1/4"

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    1993 Kona Hot - Red fade.

    That's a right stunner and a very tasteful build, nothing flash and just perfect.
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    Wanted Alpine Stars Al-Mega DX or XT (pre e-stay)

    Thread '1990 Alpinestars Almega DX'
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    1990 Alpinestars Almega DX
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    Kona jersey

    Bit of you @al-onestare 😉
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    Saracen Traverse 1989 - a winter project

    Nicely finished and well done on the seatpost and as Brockers said you can't beat the 89 bikes....😎
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    Orange Clockwork with Suntour Microdrive

    On FB.
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    Merlin Metalworks mtb?

    Thats no Merlin Metlworks with those cable guides aswell as those iffy graphics.
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    Wanted Kona 165 bar in black

    Does anyone have a black 165 bar with no marks or fading? Thanks
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    Cooks QR's

    They certainly did, sort of thing that makes you wish you'de put a bid in.
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    For Sale Manners…

    It's the dibs that irks me.
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    For Sale Syncros Cattleprod 1 1/4"

    Syncros stem is still available.
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    For Sale Suntour XC Comp Pro / GT skewer

    Wheels and cantilevers are pending at the moment.
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    Cheers Amigo.

    Cheers Amigo.