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  1. mezzanine

    V-Brake brake pad replacement - retention pin

    I need to replace my brake pads but the retention pins on my br-M951's V-Brakes are pushed right down into the holder. I can't get any purchase with the pair of pliers I have here. Any tips on getting more purchase? Are you meant to push them up from underneath first? Believe it or not my first...
  2. mezzanine

    Older 01-06 Hope NoThreadset 1 1/8" Headset Crown Race

    I have the newer post-'07 XC headset crown race with a split race, this crown race isn’t compatible sadly with the older design and not recommended. Has anyone used the 07 type on the 1st Gen headsets and what are the results, does it still tighten and fit? Any aftermarket options that will fit...
  3. mezzanine

    Specalized Demo 9 DH 2003 Nothing to do with myself but just saw this. Always liked the audacity of this beast.
  4. mezzanine

    Kona Hahanna bike, Sids Not mine. Looks lovely and a decent size... has a reserve though
  5. mezzanine

    Cable groove in the body of the rear derailleur

    Is it common for this grove where the cable gets bolted down by the bolt and hooked washer to show signs of wear? Any tips to avoid this or is it normal as the derailleur shifts through the gears. I've seen the same wear on V-brake arms where the cable gets clamped down and over time the...
  6. mezzanine

    New Old School BMX Pedals SR MP-470 1985 9/16” Vintage SOLD

    Super lovely and a pleasure to have. I collect all types of pedals but I've decided to reduce the collection and stick to just MTB pedals. If these are what you're after I'm sure you'll be very satisfied. Apologies if you saw my earlier price I've amended it as made a mistake on my original...
  7. mezzanine

    Shimano XTR STM965+BRM965 Dual Control 3x9 spd new SOLD

    Never been used lovely stuff - New but does have the small shop wear mark which is common as quite a substantial amount of kit to store but apart from that very nice & ready to fit (USA brake preference set-up). Thanks
  8. mezzanine

    Selle Italia Limited Edition SLR Element Earth Saddle NOS

    This is mine and from my Selle Italia SLR collection. Thought this may be of interest to someone. Taking a hit on what I paid but it needs to go due to storage space restrictions. Price is firm but a good price for what it is. ... SwJLde0rDc
  9. mezzanine

    Rock Shox SID SL 2000 locked out?

    Picked up these lovely forks. Only issue is they feel locked out? I dare not push any harder but there's no movement. Just looked up the owners manual and there's a section about being extremely stiff in the 80mm travel setting if the neutral shaft is in the wrong position. Whats the neutral...
  10. mezzanine

    GT RTS 2 ... SwoWFffZRf Quite nice, I'm not too clued up on prices but seems decent. Edit, just looked up prices and they're not worth as much as I thought. I think I'm getting confused with one of the other models. They do look great mind you but doesn't seem to...
  11. mezzanine

    Shimano v-brake boot and a single bolt washer

    I've tried fitting other washers I have spare but none fit or if they do fit they don't look quite right compared to the originals. This is what I have and as you can tell I'm missing one original funky thin special washer for one of the bolts. I can find a spare boot online but no washer. If...
  12. mezzanine

    NOS FC-M952 Chainset ... Swgn5fcGZh :shock: At first I thought looks good for 173.66 quid might be worth a shot. bonkers £1737.66
  13. mezzanine

    Cannondale Caad4 Large Black and Yellow

    Nothing to do with me but decent bike and price. Front hub looks like it's reacted badly with the storage of the bike. ... Swz0xfZfNI
  14. mezzanine

    Raceface real seal headset complete or spares

    Ideally yellow if it's a complete Real Seal headset. I'm missing the top black cover seal plus another small seal that goes above. Attached a picture of my current slightly compromised set-up. Any help, or advice if you know of a parts bin or bike ready to be broken that has a real seal...
  15. mezzanine

    Raceface Real Seal headset concave odd gap. Good to go?

    Okay apologies in advance this is borderline to go in the main retro forum chat so forgive me and mods feel free to move if not suitably old enough but I thought it was interesting enough to go here for now at least. I'm wondering why did Racface design it with a gap on top of the upper cup. Is...
  16. mezzanine

    Xizang Le titanium frame, 22" Lovely that.
  17. mezzanine

    Shimano FC-M960 Hollowtech Stop Plate ?

    I've lost mine, does anyone have one please? It goes in-between the two pinch bolts on the left crank arm. Replacements are available but they don't mean to be M960 compatible Any heads up to anywhere that stocks them or if you have one and the crankset is long gone please get in touch :) Mezz
  18. mezzanine

    WTD: Salsa Juegos De Fuego grips

    I would love to find a new pair of these if anyone has no specific plans for theirs? ... ips-p12793 It's the last finishing touches I need for my Stumpy and I'm having a nightmare finding the last item I need. Black ideally as the yellow and red are too...
  19. mezzanine

    First Shimano production years - special appeal?

    Posted this elsewhere but got no love as maybe lost on the more modern stuff. I'm genuinely curious about peoples thoughts on years within a model production especially Shimano. This can apply to any Shimano year m900/m950/m960/m970 but as model years are normally 5 years or so I like to look at...
  20. mezzanine

    Very fusspot question M970 Pedals from new Q and model years

    Okay so in advance I know how pernickety this sounds and not really worth the thought but sadly my bike geekiness has come this low and wanted to ask these two questions for a while when the time was right and I had a moment to put this out there and see if anyone is as sad as me. First...