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  1. Haaland

    1992 Kona Hot - ultra rare with rear U-brake

    This one is pretty cool - it has rear mounted u-brake bosses, something that very few Hots has. Tom Teesdale made, serial TET 367 makes this a 1993 model (maybe 92, but don’t think so - hard to tell because this one never made it to the catalogue anyways). Tange Prestige Concept tubing, fluted...
  2. Haaland

    Salsa 17” Alacarte - frame

    Salsa Alacarte frame, year 1990, size 17” and serial #SM490 for sale. Head tube is 1”,seat post size is 26.8. 46cm c/t seat tube, 55cm c/c top tube Looking for €450 plus shipping from Norway at cost. IMG_2740 by Bjørnar Håland, on Flickr IMG_2741 by Bjørnar Håland, on Flickr IMG_2742 by...
  3. Haaland

    3 X Salsa Alacarte 1985/1990/1990

    Hi folks - An Alacarte for all occations - 3 at one time. In every size as well - small, medium and large. 1. Salsa Alacarte 1985, #SM127 - fillet brazed (only year) This 1985 Alacarte is fillet brazed, has double roller cams and are all original besides tires and stem. The decals almost...
  4. Haaland

    1988 IRD Semi Stroker

    Well, this can be pretty fun. The 1988 or so IRD Semi Stroker, built by Rod Moses for his wife Belinda. Originally, this was the only IRD bike with a seat stay mounted U-brake, but Rod re-welded it to use it with Widget brakes. Works better he says. Probably right, but I would love to use it...
  5. Haaland

    Merlin 1987(?)

    I had an 1989 Merlin with a Koski fork that I sold in the summer. Great bike, but I needed to sell to raise some cash for some bikes. Fast forward some months and I found an earlier one - this is without a serial number, but I’m told it’s a 87 model. This will be a fun build, and this will...
  6. Haaland

    Onza Chill pills

    I have some Onza Chill pills, blue, 3DV, turquoise and black. New Old Stock - new in box and just waiting to be installed on your bike. €22 for each set posted. Want a few? Give me an offer.
  7. Haaland

    Hi all We have joined forces and created a new page - - were we hope to share our bikes, stories, parts and all that else. Hopefully this will be a fun resource with our part of the Mtb history. We have a blog as well -...
  8. Haaland

    1986 Slingshot - double cable

    My fascination with 80s steel and innovative bikes is pretty obvious, so this 1986 Slingshot fits me well. The Build:  Frame: Slingshot, double cable - Cro-Moly Fork: Chrome tipped cro-mo unicrown Rims: Araya RM25 hard anodized Hubs: Suntour XC  Tires: IRC Racer X1 Pro Pedals: Suntour XCII...
  9. Haaland

    1984 Salsa Cycles #52 "Moto SL"

    Always been a fan of Ross Shafer and his Salsas - and when I got the chance to actually own one of the earlier I didn't need to hesitate at all. The hunting for parts is all fun, but this time that will never happen. I'll leave it as is - a mix of new and old. As Ross' spec sheet says - it...
  10. Haaland

    1988 Fat City Bikes "Wicked Fat Chance"

    Cannot see that I have a build thread for this one - so I have to do it now after it's finished... 1988, original paint, just rebuilt from a black to a chrome package. More suitable I think. I tweaked it a bit after I bought it, but stripped it down a bit to get it more original and to get...
  11. Haaland

    Fat City Cycles " Fat Chance" 1983

    I have finally found one in my own size. I really love this, mostly original Fat City Cycles " Fat Chance" 1983, serial #8339. Just some pictures that shows how I got it. Should get a good cleaning and some parts needs to be changed. Otherwise I intend to keep it quite as is. 83 Fat Chance...
  12. Haaland

    1989 Merlin titanium #721

    After some time this #721 Merlin Titanium 1989 is more or less finished. Koski fork, WTB Roller cams f/r, Bullseye hubs on Araya rims, IRD seat post (repro), Merlin/Salsa handlebar, Salsa stem and 4 finger XT levers/XT shifting system. Need some new decals and maybe a silver crankset, always...
  13. Haaland

    1989 Mantis Valkyrie

    I had this one since august but haven't had the parts yet to complete it. Originally bought by Mark Bolish (Nuke Proof) in 1989. S/N VK 2011, and raced in Moab and Boulder in the 1990 WC. Might be THE bike for me as I really love the quirkiness and the experimental form-follows-function style...
  14. Haaland

    Rock Lobster fillet brazed bike for sale - RESERVED-

    Change of plans - looks like one of my nice bikes (in my opinion) has to move on. Rock Robster fillet brazed. S/N # 60. Not sure of age, Paul Sadof told me around 88-90 because of the S/N. Date codes on the brakes indicates 1988, but can’t tell if this is original or later rebuilt in this...
  15. Haaland

    A tac 1 1/4 w/noodle, titanium a head stem, IRD seat post

    I am looking for some stuff: 1. Answer A-Tac 1 1/4“ black with noodle 120—135mm , 0-5deg 2. 1 1/8“ Ti ahed-stem 130mm 3. IRD 26,8 / 27,2 seat post Have cash or trades
  16. Haaland

    Black brakes: Joe’s cantis

    I am selling a very nice set of brakes: Grafton re-entry levers: €250,- SOLD Joe’s cantis: €250,- Odyssey straddle rods: €30,- Open to selling the brakes with the Straddle Rods for €250,- (but without the original hangers). As you see in the pictures - condition is very nice. Kool Stop pads...
  17. Haaland

    Black XT 730/731/732/734/735 stuff

    I have and have seen some black XT 730/731/732/734/735 stuff. The hubs and crankset is well known, but also the all black cassette and the all black thumbies - they are awesome. Maybe there were som all black derailleurs as well? Anyone that know the history behind these? Were they offered...
  18. Haaland

    1991 Otis Guy fillet brazed #138

    I love a good project, and my latest frameset ticks all the boxes for me: Handmade, fillet brazed, u-brake/roller cam brake bosses, nice color. This shall be a period correct one and looking to put nice parts on it, just have to find everything first. Looks like I have the most except a set of...
  19. Haaland

    1993 Fat City Cycles «Yo Eddy»

    There is a time for everything, and looks like the time has come to my black Yo. Pictures and more here: Looking for eur 1100 net + shipping, please Paypal f&f or add the fees. Cheers
  20. Haaland

    Paul 409 fd and Powerglide rd - silver

    I have a nice set of Paul Components 409 front derailleur and Superglide, both silver. Looking for €800 for the pair. Very nice condition, except some scratching on the fastening screw on the rd (can provide close ups later). Fd comes with the shims so this fits 28.6, 31,8 and 34.9 (guess...