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  1. torqueless

    Gravel Bikes eh?

    Seems like everyone has one but me, so I thought I'd better put one together. Personally I can't see what all the fuss is about.. maybe I'm using the wrong components?
  2. torqueless

    60s/70s peloton thinning out

    You know this already, don't you? Patrick Sercu, Felice Gimondi and Raymond Poulidor all gone this year.. There's probably a picture out there somewhere with all three of 'em in it. Haven't found it yet though.... ..actually I haven't looked yet..
  3. torqueless

    Insufferable swot with a dictionary up 'is arse, innit?

    OK, I know I cannot be the only one who gets irked by this. I will spell it out once, just in case any of the offenders would like to get it right, otherwise it just gets wronger and wronger by contagion: The apostrophe denotes one or more missing letters. It is used with a following "s"...
  4. torqueless

    Road Frames c.1975-85.. Un-vague us!

    As we know, the massed-start bike frame went through a few detail changes in the second half of the '70s thru the first half of the '80s. I thought it would be useful if we could collectively ascertain a useful 'not before' date for the following features that distinguish the late '70s-early...
  5. torqueless

    Trek seatpost enquiry someone here can answer in their sleep

    I have a welded Trek frame which a combination of fading memory and online research reveals likely to have been a 1989 Trek 830. I carried out a seatpostectomy on it 15 odd years ago and thereafter used a shim with a slimmer seatpost, and so never quite managed to confirm the correct diameter...
  6. torqueless

    Mech Pimping For Cheapskates

    I have a soft spot for Suntour derailleurs- in spite of never having actually bought one, owned one, or used one. Since their slanted parallelogram patent ran out, just about every manufacturer has jumped on their innovation, but back in the '70s, when you saw a Suntour, it was just so obvious...
  7. torqueless

    Dura-Ace scholars-clue me up?

    These came my way today: Judging from Velobase, they are not first generation, (1973-76), 'cause they are slotted rather than drilled, although they seem to have the same "Shimano Dura-Ace" stamped logo on the blades as first generation, and the same pressed body...
  8. torqueless


    Anyone care to remind an old scavenger where on a bike I might find use for an 11mm spanner? I'm always picking up things out of the gutter- the amount of crank-bolts you can find by the side of the road is astounding. The 10mm spanner I found a few years back came in right handy for adjusting...
  9. torqueless

    Conifer Customisation

    Gotta be spam, right?.... Wrong. Although this is probably even more of a minority interest than that. Trees are flavour of the month- over on 'readers road bikes' you've got pauln cutting bike frames out of trees and making them a few sizes smaller, and Gastheerg has a rifled hardwood peg...
  10. torqueless

    It's old school (mainly) so it's in.

    For those of us whose foolish hearts are warmed on a damp dark day by the sight of manganese-molybdenum and polished aluminium alloy, you may as well have a peek at my mystery gal in her new coat... so to speak.. out enjoying the evening air.. It's so rare to see these old irons out on the...
  11. torqueless

    The Retrobiker's Dilemma.. When 'Patina' Becomes.....

    I know they say; "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", but I'm really conflicted about these Mavic module-E rims, 'cause I'm not sure if they're 'broke' or not. Well... you know... they haven't broke yet.. Velobase informs me that these rims should be 20mm wide, give or take a small fraction of...
  12. torqueless

    Gratuitous Mid-'70s photo

    Just to brighten your day... Just look at that wall... obviously a few years before the graffiti artists got into their stride... or even out of their nappies..
  13. torqueless

    Bit-by-bit Frame ID

    Does anybody have any idea which UK framebuilders might have been using these "non-tube-invasive" bottle cage bosses around 1975-1980, and, perhaps just as important, which ones wouldn't have been using them?
  14. torqueless

    (Not so) Freewheels

    Having contributed to a few freewheel related threads recently, I notice a few different schools of thought on what to do with 'em. Seems some folk need only the flimsiest excuse to get the lockring off and mess about with those little balls, springs and pawls, while others are reluctant to go...
  15. torqueless

    Two pieces of metal

    Have a look at this pair of cradles from a Campag. Nuovo Record seat post. A beautiful casting, (or is it forging?) Elegant, evocative, even iconic - that's why I dig this stuff - my interest is aesthetic more than functional. I mean, I like to go fast... sometimes.., but I'm never going to be...
  16. torqueless

    Anyone here with a Ken Ryall?

    A slightly unusual request.......... I have this mystery frame that bears the serial number K75013R. I always suspected that the 'K' and 'R' could stand for Ken Ryall. Is there anyone here with access to an old '70's Ken Ryall frame who could look under the bottom bracket shell and tell me if...