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    Avid arch supreme spring

    Hello retro bikers As per tittle, As I m stupid and goofy.... I m looking for a tensionner spring for an avid arch... Any suggestions welcome in anyway Regards Chris
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    Hello Wondering if someone have a cannondale hooligan ain't using? Regards Chris
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    district bar

    hello folks Im looking for a NS bikes, district bar. yes the heavy 4130 one :), any color and most as possible uncut... thanks for looking cheers chris
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    dog collar

    hello folks for my new neo-retro build :facepalm: ...I m looking for a kona dog collar ( brake cable guide) for a king kahuna so in 31.8 (32 ?) what you have ? could be trade with a 28.6 ;) thanks for watching chris
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    14.5 GT frame

    Hi retrobikers Looking for a 14.5 inch gt frame....steel or alloy...what you have....only frame preferably.... The cheaper...the better :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: Thanks for looking Regards Chris
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    shorty deluxe

    Hello Looking for an azonic shorty "deluxe" stem as it looks to be one of the rarest Stem who fit the azonic chubby 28.6 bar.... Thanks for your help Chris
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    onza canis" sorted thx"

    Hi Looking for a pair of Skinwall onza canis in 26x2.25.... Cheers Christophe
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    RC31 specs

    Hello Sure someone here could tell me the diameter of rc31 legs :wink: :wink: Thank you Regards, christophe
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    cheap zaskar...

    as I have all the parts to build it up...I'm looking for a small 16' gt zaskar for my wife and it must be cheap :oops: :oops: :oops: around 100 euros will be nice as baby arrival just killed me :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :facepalm: if you are after a swap, just ask what I could have :wink...
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    Hello Looking for a bbun 71/72 68mm in 122.5 Thank you Christophe
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    spring for summer project

    Hi retrobikers To complete my summer built, I m looking For a LEFT m900 brake arm Spring...the square one :cry: Please, help me !!!!! :mrgreen: Thanks for reading Cheers, kiki
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    rockshox brake bosses

    hello as per tittle, I'm looking for some brake bosses for rockshox forks, 99 sid, 2yk psylo... maybe 2 or 3 set :wink: thank you for your help. cheers christophe
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    god bless the king

    just a quick pic of my new unfinished unicorn :mrgreen: it's my present for christmas and my 40' :wink: always love kona bikes and titanium...but never able to afford both, but now my dream come true... it's a 2000 kk in 19'. I was in a hurry to ride it, so excuse me for the crappy pic and...
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    sex ?

    nothing illegal :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I'm looking for a kona sex 3...2...1 from 1996 or later as I'd like to test a full sus single speed... if you have something else with R.T.U , you're also welcome :wink: cheers, christophe.
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    1-1/4 quill stem

    hello as per tittle, need a 1-1/4 quill stem with some rise and not so much long, max 120 will be nice :wink: syncros, atac, control, ringle...tell me what you've got. cheers christophe
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    syncros short stems

    hi everybody because of my disturbed brain :mrgreen: :mrgreen:( and I getting old) I'm looking for some pretty rare very short syncros stem :( :facepalm: 1-1/8 ahead in silver and max length 100mm and 1-1/8 quill model black or silver max length 100mm (shorter is better 8) ) tell me what...
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    judy dh 80mm rebound cartridge

    hello I'm looking for an aluminium rebound cartridge for my 96' judy dh. I know for that year, there is some leaky plastic one in and mine is empty as usual :roll: :? If someone had one for spares, that's would be great before buying an expansive risse racing one :( thanks for helping...
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    another 94' dean

    after viewing some nice other here, it's my turn to show you mine. singlespeed build because single is simple :lol: technical specs: dean ti 17' from 1994 cane creek c3 headset steel segmented forks titec ti stem dean ti bar dean ti seatpost ti flite xtr m950 grupo :lol...
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    39 tooth chainring

    hello for a new project, I'm looking for a 39 tooth chainring in 110bcd 5 arms... any model is welcome. thanks for looking cheers christophe
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    seatpost and shock

    hi for a new project, I need a seatpost in 29.2 and a shock in 145mm length. it's for a 95' fsr...seatpost better in silver please I know the original shock is really hard to find, so a c-dale scalpel 1st gen. or a float is welcome (even in 165) thanks for reading cheers christophe