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    For Sale Cat eye Mini computer

    All working (although could do with a battery!) Includes spoke magnet and fork sensor - great condition and perfect for a 90’s or 2000’s build £6 posted
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    For Sale Mondraker Foxy XR - SOLD

    Medium Mondraker Foxy XR It’s in great condition – some new parts but it’s had so little use that the originals are all in really good nick. The frame is in good condition – a few marks and scratches (mainly to the gold and white highlights – the black has stood the test of time really well)...
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    For Sale Cube Ltd "Flashred" Edition 29er - XT & Fox spec - PRICE REDUCTION

    Cube Ltd in the special edition “Flashred” spec - size Medium full XT 3×10 drivetrain inc direct mount front mech and ispec shifters M615 brakes Fox Float CTD forks in factory painted flo orange DTSwiss wheels with matching flo orange hubs All the kit, inc drivetrain and forks is in...
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    Looking for small MTB to suit 5'1" lady

    Max budget is £250..... Should be good enough for bridleways, canal towpaths and forest fire roads - nothing hardcore or heavy! Small or XS prob best fit What's out there?
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    Medium Genesis Tour de Fer flat bar tourer - almost new

    Up for sale is my Medium 2020 Genesis Tour de Fer 20 – with almost everything needed for a world tour! It is a fantastic fully equipped tourer, includes Tubus front and rear racks, triple bottle cages and hub dynamo lighting. It’s the flat barred version. I recently bought it from the original...
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    x2 modern Santa Cruz Highball 29ers one alloy and one carbon

    I’m selling both of my Santa Cruz hardtails – both beautiful bikes and both really well looked after with very low miles – I broke my back earlier this year (not on one of these!) and I haven’t been able to get out as much as I would have liked. I’ve treated myself to something a bit more sedate...
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    Small Brian Rourke 853 flat bar trekking/touring bike SOLD

    I bought this with big plans in mind - nice tall headtube to help with my recovery from a broken back (14 weeks ago now) and nice low gears for the same. The problem is - I can't make it fit! It's 2cm too short in the seat tube and same again on the top tube - so very sadly it's got to go...
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    Brian Rourke 853 touring/trekking bike

    I bought this with big plans in mind - nice tall headtube to help with my recovery from a broken back (14 weeks ago now) and nice low gears for the same. The problem is - I can't make it fit! It's 2cm too short in the seat tube and same again on the top tube - so very sadly it's got to get...
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    Orange C16 in mint condition

    Just spotted this on my local Gumtree - I'd have it if I wasn't "fully biked"! ... 1374879899
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    Unusual Dave Hinde - Columbus Foco and Dura Ace

    Just picked this up yesterday - images are as per when it arrived - I've already been fettling with it so has been recabled with all black outers, stainless cages and has had Deda Superleggera 35 bars and stem added, as well as a different as it looks now will follow eventually...
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    56cm Cougar 653, Campag Chorus & Record - SOLD

    Now removed from sale here while I have a go elsewhere - apologies :oops:
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    Campagnolo "Look" pedals, great condition SOLD

    These have been used, but very sparingly and taken off a bike I've just acquired - nice as these are, I'm an SPD-SL user so these will have to go. Campagnolo, Look Delta pedals. I can't find any markings on them so don't know what level they are but the rest of the groupset os Chorus. They are...
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    Cougar 653 - now complete and inc lots of photos!

    Just picked this up - and very nice it is too! It's clearly not been ridden much - the coating on the MA40's is virtually untouched, as is the drivetrain. There a few chips to the paint and some light fading on the toptube but all the chrome is perfect. Full Chorus (inc Campag "Look" pedals)...
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    17.5" Dave Yates 853 (sadly stuck seatpost)

    I built this up for my mate probably ten years ago as a very nice runaround - he's not a mountain biker as such, so it's been used as a "riding around" bike and not had a hard life at all. It had new brakes and drivetrain at the time (only Deore) so was meant to be functional rather than fancy...
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    18" Nicolai Helius CC mtb with Rohloff SOLD

    It's had a new chain fitted and the rear suspension is set on the shortest travel setting (bottom holes on the rocker) - it rides like a dream - absolutely fantastic bike The previous owner was injured 5 years before I bought it and hadn't ridden it in that time, which accounts for why it's so...
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    18" Orange 5, 2012/13, Hope bits, new shock & other parts

    Really nice specced, 2013 model with brand new drivetrain and rear shock, rides superbly well. Spec as follows: Fox 34 140mm forks, 15 mm bolt thru - serviced last year and in great condition Fox Evol rear shock - brand new, only done two rides since this was fitted (the old RP23 shock died on...
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    Benotto Chromovelato rescue!

    So, I bought this new in about 1987 and at the time it was a beautiful pearl white with chromovelato gold lacquered headlugs, forks and stays. Some years later, I gave it to my brother in law who criminally took a rattle can to it and turned it into a 90's flouro monstrostity! Anyway, I now...
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    19" Trek 3 series, complete bike w Salsa forks - only £100

    19" Trek 3 Series alloy frame built up as a Uni/Commuter bike for my son - now graduated and no need for this so someone else can benefit! Some nice parts in the build, which was put together to be easy to look after: Salsa Cromoto rigid forks Shimano Deore disc brakes (the front is actually a...
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    17" Giant ATX Pro MTB £250 REDUCED TO £200 collected SOLD

    17" Giant ATX Pro mountain bike Built up with nice components: RockShox Recon Silver TK forks great condition, no problems Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes SRAM X5 rear mech, X5 shifters (3 x9 speed) Shimano 9 speed cassette and chain (v recent) Shimano Deore crankset Shimano Deore BB (v...
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    19" Cube Ltd Comp, nice spec for only £300 if collected SOLD

    I'm looking to sell this on quite quickly (holiday cash required) so have priced it sensibly Nice spec Cube Ltd Comp Rockshox Tora forks XT cranks, Race Face single n/w ring (30t) Deore BB XT rear mech, 9 speed. SLX shifter SLX cassette and chain both very recent (maybe 200 miles?) SLX brakes...