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  1. Splatter Paint

    Max 5nm - do you?

    I was watching a bike repair video on YouTube the other day and the mechanic was diligently torquing everything to the ‘correct spec’. However, somebody pointed out to me that ‘Max’ is maximum torque and by inference perhaps not necessarily the optimum. So, the component is marked ‘Max 5nm’ and...
  2. Splatter Paint

    For Sale Shimano 105 - 11 speed parts

    5800 chainset 36 / 52, 172.5mm arms £70 5800 front mech, 31.8mm £12 Both good used condition (bar the odd scuffs, scratches shown in the photos). Postage is extra. SP
  3. Splatter Paint

    Sold GT Bravado 1997

    GT Bravado in spiffing Reynolds 631 (main tubes). It is ~20” c-t BUT due to the short head tube it feels small, too small for me at 5’10”. It needs a restoration, cables, tyres, chain, new cones in the front hub, headset etc. Saddle and stem shown will be swapped out for the ones it came with...
  4. Splatter Paint

    New (old?) suspension fork design Fox's new gravel fork.... I see a Rock Shox MAG30 (low-tech version of the MAG21) with a Manitou style rear arch brace! Here's the really exciting thing - 40mm of...
  5. Splatter Paint

    GT Bravado

    I don’t know anything about this, I can’t find this paint scheme in any catalogue. 1997 maybe? Any GT experts able to provide more info? It was cheap so I bought it as a project, I’ve not had a retro bike purchase in a long time. It appears reasonably well spec’d. All the bearings will need...
  6. Splatter Paint

    Is it a Zaskar?

  7. Splatter Paint

    Grisley in Wimborne
  8. Splatter Paint

    9 Speed is nearly 25 years old

    Introduced in ‘98 for ‘99. Crikey. :confused:
  9. Splatter Paint

    For Sale Vitus Zenium SL VR frameset 56cm £150

    56cm alloy frame. Takes 12mm through axles and flat mount disc calipers. It is a 2017 model I think. Carbon forks Vitus carbon seat post Vitus Stem Vitus handlebars Vitus saddle Seat collar Axles £200 > £175 > £150 Postage at cost. I’ll get better photos when I can.
  10. Splatter Paint

    Sold Kona Fire Mountain 1990 1” stem SOLD

    I spotted a tatty one in my spares box today. Yours for £10 + £3.90 for UK postage
  11. Splatter Paint

    For Sale Deore 10 speed rear shifter

    It seems to work ok, I bought for a project that never happened. £7.50 + £3.90 postage to UK
  12. Splatter Paint

    Sold Shimano 105 10 speed parts + mystery calipers

    5600 rear derailleur with Tacx jockeys £18 5600 front derailleur £10 Both for £25 Mystery calipers are free Postage to UK will be £3.90
  13. Splatter Paint

    Wanted 9 speed rear mech

    For my beater bike. Cosmetically scruffy is OK must be functionally 100%. Long cage, please.
  14. Splatter Paint

    Enigma Etape vs Giant Defy Advanced

    The geometry is virtually identical… Defy ~£2500 but comes with a proprietary wheel / tyre system. Etape ~£4200 for similar spec but conventional wheels Carbon is fragile. Ti cracks. I have a racy donor bike I could build either frameset up with 12mm axles and flat mount hydraulics. I’ve...
  15. Splatter Paint

    Fuji Tahoe - Aldershot Summat a bit different.
  16. Splatter Paint

    GT Talera
  17. Splatter Paint

    Sold Islabike Beinn 20 - Woking

    Bought new, two kids old. Still clean and tidy, obviously the moaning about looking after your bike worked! Uprated brake pads and chain (Dura-Ace ooooooh), otherwise standard. A few bits of cable rub as shown and the odd mark here and there. £499 new, but out of stock until January. £255 ono...
  18. Splatter Paint

    Drivetrain compatibility - in pictures!

    Every so often somebody asks on the forum about compatibility between derailleurs, cassettes, shifters, chains etc. Please add photos of your Franken-build drivetrains to show what’s possible: Shifters: Front derailleur: Rear derailleur: Cassette: Chain: Chainset:
  19. Splatter Paint

    ‘Dead’ handling

    You know how some bikes feel really springy and exciting to ride? Say high-end steel / ti / carbon weight weenies or such like. Well, I’ve managed to build a rigid hybrid that is only 9kg but it feels ‘wooden’ or ‘dead’ to ride. Previously I’ve found low-end 90s rigid bikes felt like this, I...
  20. Splatter Paint

    Wanted Flat Bar 31.8mm clamp

    As per title. Nothing fancy, Planet X are selling no-name ones for a tenner but they look a bit lairy on the graphics, I’d like something in boring black or silver, please. 580mm wide or more, please.