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  1. jimi911

    1987-88 Yeti FRO - Local Find!

    I picked this one up earlier in the year 5 mins from my work along one amazing Brodie I'll share later. A serial number in the really low 500s puts it as a 1987 to some ... 1988 to others ... no biggie. Its a 1" Yeti :) The bike looked a bit rough when I got it ... but not bad bones ;) This...
  2. jimi911

    1983 Mountain Goat

    I have had this one done for a while. Some may remember it as part of the MOMBAT collection. I acquired it via a good friend who was too tall for it. I missed the initial MOMBAT single bike offerings and this was one I really wanted. By design its a deluxe but it predates the model name. Lovely...
  3. jimi911

    The Ventana Wiki - 1985 to 2021

    Sorta playing catchup with bikes and builds here. Sorry for the SPAM. I am going to start a thread on a bit of a lesser known brand by vintage mtb standards and one that deserves a lot more recognition - Ventana Mountain Bikes Feel free to add your own bikes and...
  4. jimi911

    The Myrah Fat Chance

    I'll just tease this out a bit ...
  5. jimi911

    1985 Ibis Custom

    Here's another one from the stable. It came in trade for another Ibis custom I got that was a bit too big ... this one is a bit to small for me, but a real nice example of an early Scot Nicol custom Ibis. Here it is in its original setup the previous owner had one it. I got it as a frameset...
  6. jimi911

    1989 Trimble Inverse 4 X Frame

    Here's a 1989 Trimble Inverse 4 X Frame I picked up locally in Toronto in the winter. Pretty excited to find it. The original owner treated it very well as you can see. It was built up for him using a mix of syncros parts and XT. When I got it I briefly thought about redoing it all with higher...
  7. jimi911

    1989 Merlin Mtn Titanium with Full WTB and "Rubber Fork"

    Here's a '89 Merlin Project I have just finished off. It came to me free ... goofy set of circumstances there. It was complete with a XT 730/2 group and Fat Chance Box Crown, which I thought was just the coolest. This was not an uncommon setup for east coast merlins BiTD apparently. Overall...
  8. jimi911

    1984/5 Bontrager Fillet Brazed MTB

    Haven't posted pics of this one here. Its a c1984-1985 Fillet Brazed Bontrager built by Keith himself. It was in the MOMBAT collection. Like a lot of those bikes it sat for a long time so, while the bike came complete, it needed a full rebuild. I opted to change the spec with some period...
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  10. jimi911

    Tip of the Iceberg Part III

    Tip of the Iceberg Part III Here’s the start of a pile of stuff I will be listing. All prices in Canadian dollars, plus shipping, and plus paypal fees (or F&F) $100 cdn = $73 USD $100 cdn = $65 Euro $100 cdn = $60 GBP 1990 Nishiki Alien ACX Uncracked (yep … it really is), paint chips, some...
  11. jimi911

    1991 Brodie Climbmax

    Here's one I have had done for a while and ridden a ton during the pandemic. It was a well traveled frameset crisscrossing the atlantic at least a couple times. It came to me via trade for an equally cool smaller climbmax that might have been posted here already. Here she is in the UK as a...
  12. jimi911

    1993 and 1994 Yeti ARC Builds

    Here’s a couple ARCs I am working on … similar story with both, but different builds. The first one started off awesome. I was at a baseball tournament crazy early in the AM and strolling through ebay … within about 40s a ARC pops up and a scorcher of a deal. No cracks, dents, etc. BIN … BIN …...
  13. jimi911

    A Tale of Two Tameracks - East Coast Canadian Steel

    Here’s something you probably haven’t seen unless you’ve seen them on my FB posts or instagram. Tamerack is a small boutique brand out of Nova Scotia Canada owned by Mark Beaver. Mark has been making frames for the last 3 decades brazing up about 200 frames, He mostly makes unreal lugged...
  14. jimi911

    Just a good ol' 1990 Specialized Stumpjumper

    You always remember your first right? Well this was mine. I got one new in January of 1992 from Cycle Logic in Toronto. It was a demo bike and I got a pretty good deal on it as I recall. I lived on this in the summer of 1992 ... so many great memories and scars. It was stolen when I was 17 and...
  15. jimi911

    Uber Rare One #2 - One Off Titanium

    I picked this one up locally last week. It was hanging in my buddy’s shop forever, but I always thought he said it was an “on one” and I never really looked too closely at it. The bike was just filthy ... I was waiting to pick up a frame he was working on for me and looking around ... I...
  16. jimi911

    Uber Rare One #1 - 1987-90 [Craig] Cook Designs Mt. Palomar

    Uber Rare One #1 - [Craig] Cook Design Mt Palomar A bit of history ... give it a google for the full story (interesting stuff). The Cook Bros were a massive part of the west coast BMX and MTB scene from the onset. They would eventually sell off the company in the late 80s. Something went sour...
  17. jimi911

    1985 Salsa Scoboni ... Scoboner

    So this was on eBay for about 10 mins primetime in Cali and the original buyer backed out. He thought it was too small. It may have been, but 80s/early 90s Salsas have super short TTs so they often seem smaller than they are. This is a 19" c2c with a 21.5 TT. Anyway, the seller hit the relist...
  18. jimi911

    1991 Alpinestars Ti Mega

    I always like when people post these. This was sort of accidental. I wanted to share a pic of the towel packing job with a buddy:lol:
  19. jimi911

    An even older goat - 1983 Mountain Goat

    This is a pretty cool one ... Its a real early Mountain Goat made by Jeff Lindsay. He began making MTBs in 1981 and he didn't make a ton. This is #12 so its likely one of the first few dozen he made. Unfortunately no fork or bar stem combo :| Anyone have one? The backup plan is to do a sort...
  20. jimi911

    Updated Want list: Grove, IRD, Syncros, CK

    Here's my latest list of wants ... all the easy to find stuff :wink: 1. Grove Innovations Hammerhead, Hothead, or Mountain Stem 2. 26.8 IRD, or Syncros Seatpost 3. Chris King Headset Black 1" (Threaded or Threadless) 4. Cooks Cranks - Black 5. Grove Innovations Hot Rod Cranks 6. IRD Switch...