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  1. Splatter Paint

    Chainrings Replacement

    Some in stock on eBay
  2. Splatter Paint

    Chainrings Replacement

    I’d go with Shimano, you may have to file the ring in places to fit your chainset.
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    1999 Shimano LX groupset - CS HG50 correct?

    It depends what you want to do, if that ratio works you could stick with it. You don’t have to worry about road / mtb cassettes unless you’re dealing with 10/11/12 speed.
  4. Splatter Paint

    Raleigh Ravine Bottom Bracket.

    If you measure the width of the bottom bracket shell (it’ll be 68mm or 73mm wide) and tell us which chainset you’re using then we should be able to help. BB length is specific to those two factors.
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    Fake shimano chain?

    aaaaand we’re done. Six weeks and under 200 miles. Utter shite.
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    Gates! Gates! Gates! Back for 2022! Exclamation mark! 23/07/22

    I love a good gate, but I’m busy that weekend.
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    Head tube

    Consider: Integrated or non-integrated bearings and the associated stack (or lack of) Quill or Aheadset and the ability to raise the stem TT, road racing or endurance geometry BB drop I find that ultimately stack height is more important than anything for a paper fit exercise. With integrated...
  8. Splatter Paint

    Max 5nm - do you?

    I’ve just checked the most recent stem I purchased, the on-line docs say a minimum of 4nm, max 5nm. When you account for a +/- 5% torque wrench accuracy that could be in the range 4.2nm to 4.75nm. SP
  9. Splatter Paint

    Max 5nm - do you?

    I was watching a bike repair video on YouTube the other day and the mechanic was diligently torquing everything to the ‘correct spec’. However, somebody pointed out to me that ‘Max’ is maximum torque and by inference perhaps not necessarily the optimum. So, the component is marked ‘Max 5nm’ and...
  10. Splatter Paint

    For Sale Shimano 105 - 11 speed parts

    5800 chainset 36 / 52, 172.5mm arms £70 5800 front mech, 31.8mm £12 Both good used condition (bar the odd scuffs, scratches shown in the photos). Postage is extra. SP
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    Sold GT Bravado 1997

    Sold (payment pending)
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    Sold GT Bravado 1997

    New Zealand…. ah ha ha ha! Seriously, postage would cost more than the bike!
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    GT Bravado

    Listed in the For Sale area
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    Sold GT Bravado 1997

    GT Bravado in spiffing Reynolds 631 (main tubes). It is ~20” c-t BUT due to the short head tube it feels small, too small for me at 5’10”. It needs a restoration, cables, tyres, chain, new cones in the front hub, headset etc. Saddle and stem shown will be swapped out for the ones it came with...
  15. Splatter Paint

    New (old?) suspension fork design Fox's new gravel fork.... I see a Rock Shox MAG30 (low-tech version of the MAG21) with a Manitou style rear arch brace! Here's the really exciting thing - 40mm of...
  16. Splatter Paint

    Wanted 1” threaded fork for 1990 Explosif

    The bearing race dimensions are different. See: If yours is a 1990 model (black paint, no u-brake) you should I think need a 26.4mm ISO fitment fork. The 1989 green frames use JIS, well, mine did!