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  1. Double-E F

    Wanted MTB with chainstay mounted u-brake 19" - 21" frame

    Got this wonderful bike, a 1987 Tech Nova Pro, full Shimano Deore 3x6sp: But I guess you're in the UK, right? I'm in the Netherlands..
  2. Double-E F

    Head tube reducers

    Hi all, Would you expect that using heat tube reducers (1 1/4" > 1 1/8") affects (positively or negatively) the chances of that head tube cracking, let's say for a '94 Yeti ARC that is not ridden vigorously? Cheers!
  3. Double-E F

    Withdrawn 48/38/28 170mm crankset and bottom pull front mech

    I have a DX fd-m650 28.6 bp for sale (~15 EUR), but if you're in the UK, postage'll be a b*tch.
  4. Double-E F

    Sorted XT FC-M739

    FC-M563 175 mm?
  5. Double-E F

    Wanted 1 1/4" ahead stem (ATac)

    Thanks! It seems I am sorted for now..!
  6. Double-E F

    BoTM Bike of The Month April 2022 - nominations

    Super bike! Is that front mech pulley actually used, or are you running a top pull mech?
  7. Double-E F

    Wanted 1 1/4" ahead stem (ATac)

    Cheers! A bit too modern though..
  8. Double-E F

    The Pastel Plonker - Cannondale 1993 BoTE

    Nice 8) Reminds me of a stork, for some reason.. ;)
  9. Double-E F

    2009 Yeti ARC

    Well.. I've been seriously thinking about moving over to the dark side to buy a full suspension carbon 29" mountainbike, but due to the overwhelming possibilities and decisions to make (and the very long expected delivery times), I still haven't pulled the trigger on a new bike yet.. So...
  10. Double-E F

    Fat Chance Yo Eddy from 1992 (Team Colour)

    Nice frameset, built into bikes with very different appearances..! I think I like the looks of the build in the fourth pic the most :), with those blackwall tyres on dark rims. Not a fan of Spinergies, or Panaracer Magics, TBH ;) Would love to own a Yo too one day..!
  11. Double-E F

    Wanted 1 1/4" ahead stem (ATac)

    Got a pic?
  12. Double-E F

    Wanted 1inch threaded forks

    I hear you.. Brexit sucked all the fun out of dealing on RB outside the UK. Better change my banner to 'On Hold Trader'. I am afraid postage these days is another 20% of the price of your bike :( Honestly, I don't think my forks are expensive, especially considering the fresh powdercoat: you...
  13. Double-E F

    Wanted 1inch threaded forks

    Funny that you mention Cannondale: the pink ones I offered you apparently came off a late 80s Cannondale and were originally painted Viper red..
  14. Double-E F

    Wanted 1inch threaded forks

    No worries. Let me know if you change your mind :)
  15. Double-E F

    Wanted 1inch threaded forks 8)
  16. Double-E F

    FRM Be Active X-Country 1995

    Hell of a bike 8)! How'she ride?
  17. Double-E F

    Wanted 1 1/4" ahead stem (ATac)

    Please....? Any 1 1/4" ahead stems out there?
  18. Double-E F

    Centurion Titanium SX from 1992/94

    Lovely bike and dito build thread!