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    Holdsworth Top Tube Decals

    Attention all Holdsworth owners ! I am trying to find images of the correct top tube decals that Holdsworth used before about 1955. Those that are commercially available may not be correct for this period. I have 2 projects in hand for 1954 Holdsworth frames. The correct decal for 'Zephyr' is...
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    Recently acquired : A rare Leach Marathon frame. Sadly it has been refinished but with a little work could be restored to it's former glory. Frame number is 22291. What I am attempting to establish is a date for this frame and also the maker of the lugs. The lugs are similar to Brampton...
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    Evelyn Hamilton cycles - Appeal for information

    Any owners of Evelyn Hamilton cycles who can supply photos / details etc. Please post. I am doing some research around this little known maker (given her exploits she should be more famous !)
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    Claud Butler Frame Numbers (Again !)

    Trying to pin down frame numbers for Claud Butler machines for the period immediately following the Holdsworth take over. I have recently acquired frame number 2533 which I date from approx. 1958-60. This number does not fit at all with the Holdsworth numbers from this period (5 figure) or with...
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    In conjunction with the marque specialist of the V-C C, we are trying to resolve the confusion regarding downtube decals on F H Grubb machines that were used prior to the company liquidation in 1951. It seems that very few machines have survived with the original decals intact and we appear to...
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    HELP TO IDENTIFY FRAME PLEASE Recently acquired frame with missing head badge. As far as I can see it dates from about 1960 (based on date on Williams crank), Nervex lugs, unusual wishbone pump peg (see picture), frame number 59339 on Simplex rear left dropout. The frame was fitted with a very...
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    Grubb Perfection Headset

    Recently acquired a 1950/1 F H Grubb Perfection which will now become my new restoration project. The attached photo shows the original (assumed) headset from this machine. It is of superb quality - the nuts are 10 sided and it is machined beautifully. But - I can find nothing on it to identify...
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    Huret Champion Du Monde

    Recently acquired : Huret Champion Du Monde rear derailleur about 1950. Anyone on here ever taken one apart ? If so - HELP ! I cannot find anything on the web explaining how to service one of these.
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    Fratelli Hubs - Re chrome

    Anyone out there know the procedure for splitting alloy flanges from chromed steel hub barrels ? I have a very nice pair of late '40's Fratelli Brivio hubs that need re chroming and I understand that the flanges can be removed and put back. But how ?
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    Claud Butler Frame Numbers

    Judging by the number of queries relating to dating 'real' Claud Butler frames that keep appearing both here and elsewhere, I am posting this in the hope of generating some interest in this topic. OK - so we are talking frame numbers for the period up to the Holdsworth takeover - i e genuine...
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    Wanted : Fiamme Rim

    Wanted - Fiamme 700C 40 hole rear tub rim (or wheel) - early version with 'BREVETTO LONGHI FIAMME MADE IN ITALY' stamped into rim.
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    Early Post War Allin Frame ?

    I am new on here and am seeking information on an Allin frame that I have recently acquired and intend to restore. This one is becoming something of a challenge as the frame number (672 - on both rear dropouts and on the fork tube)) would seem to indicate that it is quite early post war. The...