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  1. xeo

    Could it POSSIBLY get worse than this!!? Shirley .. NOT

  2. xeo

    Right photo help ..

    Hey mods admins and presidents Just looked up the “site info” link, no current advice Re posting pics. I have a ton of pics, been on here since 2006.. only posted a few. Tons of stories, tons of cool stuff I’ve just never been arsed with the hassle of photo sizes.. please excuse me! I did...
  3. xeo

    1991 Muddy Fox Alu Pro

    Hey guys, So, i had one back in the day, it was my second bike after my Ridgeback 602lx Found this one on eBay in 2012, when I had my shop. I stripped it, boxed and forgot about it. ! During lockdown she gotta complete makeover.. Decals were done by Gil, expertly I might say! Flex team...
  4. xeo

    My own personal holy grail.. pink MF Alu Pro

    Hey guys.. Been looking for one of these since around 2006.. never seen one online, except one post on here years ago, which was just a frame pic. And then the guy vanished :facepalm: Found it on FB market place.. 3hr round trip home by 11pm-ish, really happy. Totally original except from...
  5. xeo

    A little groan ..

    I’ve been on this forum for a good few years now.. But I’ve never ever posted any pics. Just tried again.. file is to big ! Wtf ! Maybe things need updating a little !? Otherwise I love the place. !
  6. xeo

    My personal retro mission ..

    Hey guys Just thought I’d tell ya about my long term mission to get as many of my original retro bikes from me yoof! Nostalgia.. it has absolute power for us all right!? I guess that’s why we’re all here Anyways, mines pretty personal, and a lot of it is attached to my family home that we...
  7. xeo

    Who posted the Muddy Fox 91 catalogue in the archive..

    As title. ! I’d LOVE to see it in hi res, if at all possible, as I’m rebuilding my 91’ Alu Pro. Would be mega helpful. Hell, if the dude still has the copy, whoever they be, id put an offer in. Many thanks Cristian
  8. xeo

    re-size photos help !

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but does anybody have any idea how I an re-size my photos!!???? I have been on here since the mid-90's (2006 I think) I still ant do it ! why can I not simply put them up, like I an on other sites/forums. !? I would love to prove that I once owned a...
  9. xeo

    1995 Coors Duel Descender, Malvern Hills !

    Did anyone here compete in this event !!! I did it on my fully ridged Kona, got beat by a guy on an Amplifier, after I lost it on the second corner & went under the tape into a few spectators. I was just wondering if anybody had any photos! (longshot, yes) or memories to share :) It was...
  10. xeo

    Spesh S-Works with full Suntour XC-Pro

    Nice bit of retro kit. ... 26_rdc%3D1
  11. xeo

    Kona chute ... 530wt_1139
  12. xeo

    Ridgeback 603

    Relisted, with a lower reserve ! :) ... 400wt_1185
  13. xeo

    1989 Muddy Fox Seeker

    Anyone fancy a classic 'Fox ! ? ... 927wt_1185
  14. xeo

    Ridgeback 603 1989

    Anyone ! ? ... 400wt_1185
  15. xeo

    Ridgeback 603 1989

    Ridgeback 603 for sale ! 1989, 18". Now, (pay attention!) this is the 603 frameset (Tange Double butted Cro-mo) which originally came with a Shimano Deore2 group, however this is fittted with a complete Moluntain LX. Kinda giving up trying to post pics here .. :roll: I can email...
  16. xeo

    Muddy Fox Seeker 1989

    Yup, here I have my beloved Seeker up for sale. I have had this bike for about 4 years. Its in good working order, maintained by me ! (professional mechanic/bike shop owner) Recently fitted a new Shimano UN53 BB. The rear mech could do with replacing at some point. It works fine, but...
  17. xeo

    1996 Kona Caldera

    For sale, 1996 Kona Caldera size 18", all original spec. with upgraded Hope hubs on Mavic 717 rims. XT mechs, raceface cranks. All in good working order. Looking for £280 Having trouble posting photos on here .. :? but can email pics no problem! Bike is recently serviced :D
  18. xeo

    anyone here remember or used to work at "cycles" i

    ... back in the early 90's ! This was my first place of work when I was a young lad, & can only remember the names of the manager, Richard Peploe (now at Madison) & a guy called Mat. I was good pals with a lad with an Orange, I was (I now regard very lucky!) the kid with a Zinn...
  19. xeo

    wanted will kill for .. 91 muddy fox !

    As title ! The full catalogue would be awesome ! to see, of buy! thanks xeo
  20. xeo

    Bob Girvin & Proflex / offroad

    Does anyone have much info/history on the beginning of the brand, & Bob's involvement ? I've always assumed that the off road brand changed to Pro-flex after 1990, is this correct ? Also, am i right im saying the 1990 Off Road Pro-Flex was the first mass production (the red model) full...