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  1. vcballbat

    RALEIGH SBDU... Special Lightweight Race Bike

    It was never my intention to start collecting Raleigh SBDU bikes but when this one turned up it was so unusual and all original i had to have it. Custom built by the Specialist Bicycle Development Unit for the original owner in Reynolds 531 Special Lightweight tubing and finished in a very...
  2. vcballbat

    I.S.C.A Saddle information please..?

    Just acquired this I.S.C.A saddle which is marked Competition on the sides and Concord on the rear but can't find anything on Velobase or the web... any information would be great..🤔👍
  3. vcballbat

    Sturmey Archer 5 Speed Stem Shifters
  4. vcballbat

    Raleigh SB 853 Small size..
  5. vcballbat

    Pashley Countryman Pub Bike..

    Reynolds 531db and 8 Speed Shimano hub gear..
  6. vcballbat

    RALEIGH SBDU 753 DYNAFLITE.... 'Manager Special'

    A Raleigh SBDU frame popped up on eBay last week and caught my attention. It was listed as an SBDU Dynaflite frame and fork only though a Campagnolo chainset and Super Record headset were included. What really intrigued me was the final photo on the listing showing it built as a complete bike...
  7. vcballbat

    Can you get a Bike on a Motorcycle..?

    Yes you can... well in bits any way. Had to collect a bike from Greenwich London from Southampton and didn't fancy being stuck in London traffic for hours in a metal box. Unclipped my Givi top box and used the rack and pillion saddle to support the frame with the wheels stacked on top. Has...
  8. vcballbat

    For Sale Pedal Clearout...Campagnolo, Atom 600, Maillard 600, Olympic 64, Galli Alloy nos Toeclips

    Campagnolo Record Road pedals cutdown cages, could do with regrease £30 now £25 Atom 600 1st generation, stock pedals on early 70's Carltons. £18 now £15 Now Sold Maillard 600 very smooth low usage condition. £25 Olympic Model 64 road pedals cutdown cages. £10 now £8 Galli Alloy nos...
  9. vcballbat

    Carlton Professional mkV Frame Original paint

    Getting harder to find these days in original paint then two come along at once..😁 Basically the same frame as used by the Raleigh Team without the SBDU price tag.
  10. vcballbat

    Carlton Professional mkV Frame Original paint

    Getting harder to find these in original paint, same as the Raleigh Professional mkV without the three pin Heron headbadge.
  11. vcballbat

    Ti Raleigh SBDU 753

    An SBDU 753 in original paint and correct decals.. getting harder to find these days, so many have been refinished incorrectly.
  12. vcballbat

    Holdsworth 753 New Frame
  13. vcballbat

    £140 For an EMPTY box !

    Check out the seller's other listings for the contents !
  14. vcballbat

    Holdsworth Whirlwind
  15. vcballbat

    Ti Raleigh 40th Anniversary Bike

    Fully built with new modern Campagnolo and running 28mm rubber... shame that it's not my size.. 😞
  16. vcballbat

    Panasonic PR6000 Ex Team Bike
  17. vcballbat

    Raleigh SBDU Early and original paint
  18. vcballbat

    Gold Plated Raleigh Centenary Limited Edition
  19. vcballbat

    Raleigh SBDU 531 one of the last to be built?

    Could this be one of the last SB Nottingham built frames.. beautifully restored by Ti Raleigh expert Dave Marsh with the correct decals and fairly priced...
  20. vcballbat

    Raleigh Professional Original Paint and low price