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  1. Cheshire1980

    Sold XT stuff for sale. m730, m732, m733, m735. Cheap.

    XT shimano m732 thumb shifters, in excellent condition £50 XT shimano m733 brake levers, ones without rubber hoods £20 XT shimano m733 brake levers, with rubber hoods £25 XT shimano RD m735 rear mech £25 XT shimano m735 front mech, band width 28.6 £20 XT shimano m736 front mech, band width 28.6...
  2. Cheshire1980

    Orange 1992 bike brochure.. collection

    Still got the Elite to finish off, but have all the parts 👍
  3. Cheshire1980

    For Sale Clearout, Shimano XT, DX, X Lite

    Shimano XT m730 crankset 175mm Biopace £75 X lite bar ends £27 XT seatpost uncut 30cm length, 26.8, but obviously faded and needs work £23 DX thumb shifter well used But functional £18 SOLD 👍 Prices include postage via royal mail. UK postage only. Payment via paypal please. cheers Calum
  4. Cheshire1980

    For Sale SOLD Kona Kilauea 1993. 18 inch Frame

    Kona Kilauea 1993 for sale, top tube measurements 22 inches (56cm), seat tube 17 inch. Mostly original, groupset original, Shimano XT M735 front and rear mechs, XT thumbies, Ritchey logic brake levers, Dia compe 987 brakes, Sugino crankset, Shimano m560 hubs with Kona 399 rims. Also has...
  5. Cheshire1980

    For Sale SOLD kingsbury skewer

    Skewer. Kingsbury or American classic, £20 posted in UK. Some fade to red, but still a nice skewers. Paypal payment please.
  6. Cheshire1980

    Recommended Alloy frame repair specialists.

    Looking to have an Orange Aluminium O frame repaired, its a prototype, so deserves the restoration to be done well. Not bothered to much if it’s expensive, just want a nice clean repair, as I intend for it to be resprayed at Argos cycles Bristol. It has a small hairline crack at the top of the...
  7. Cheshire1980

    SORTED..Non drive side Shimano crank arm size 170

    Wondered if any one had a Shimano 170 crank arm, non drive side in silver spare. Happy to buy. Something like Mt60 would be ideal, but happy for whatever in that era 8) . Thanks in advanced for any help.
  8. Cheshire1980

    Orange Clockwork 1993 Frame or bike.

    Looking for a humble Orange clockwork 1993. In the blue grey fade, purple decals. Tange Infinity frame. 19 inch. Not a super rare frame. But would like to get one as that’s what I rode back in the day 8) Kind thanks 8)
  9. Cheshire1980

    Bikes Come and Gone List...

    Just a personal list for reference, some good, some bad and some I just plain regret. Am sure some of you on here have had so many retro bikes pass through your hands, it would be impossible to remember them all :lol: here’s a list of my gone 🤦 some were part bikes, frame and forks or...
  10. Cheshire1980


    Like any addiction it’s difficult to stop the cycle, excuse the pun. But in all seriousness, every time I manage to have a significant cull, the numbers start creeping back up again :facepalm: I should have satisfaction in what I already have, well in theory. However, I find myself...
  11. Cheshire1980


    Bought this early Orange Clockwork 1989? Frame and forks, from Brocklanders on here sometime back. Never been that sure how to build this up. It appears more Prestige in looks, Typically a 1991/92 Prestige with the decal design. Plus the bike does not specify its a clockwork. frame number is...
  12. Cheshire1980

    ORANGE ALU O Build. Orange white fade.

    Orange Aluminium O project. December 1991 frame. Frame and forks were bought from a kind chap in Portugal. I was given the heads up with this by Mr Ox, so thank you. The only snag was the Suntour Xc pro chain set was seized. After much muscle power and patience I manage to prize it off...
  13. Cheshire1980


  14. Cheshire1980

    Rock Shox Forks for spares and repairs 1 1/4

    Rock Shox forks, Steer tube is 15.3cm long. Its the unusual 1 1/4 size. As seen worn, needs TLC for some one in the know with Supension forks. Needs a complete overhaul £17.50 posted. NO INTERNATIONAL POSTING. Thanks
  15. Cheshire1980

    Rock Shox pump thing

    Rock Shox pump thing for forks, no use to me. £7.50 posted. 8)
  16. Cheshire1980

    Rolls saddles for Sale. SOLD

    White Rolls Saddle 1991. In very good condtion as seen in pictures £37 Posted Black Rolls Saddle 1995, In good conditon, slight scuff to rear. £28 Posted NO INTERNATIONAL POSTING. Thanks
  17. Cheshire1980

    MBUK 91,92,93 mags, MBI 91,92,93 for sale. Price Reduced

    Mags for sale. Will combine postage if buying more than 1. will try and take pics on request. Magaizines below 6 pounds posted for 1. NOW £5. 3 magazines £12, 4 magazines £15. Will combine postage if buying more than 1. UK POSTING Only. No Dibs unless I have traded with you before. First...
  18. Cheshire1980

    Selling on Retrobike, hit and miss with folk!

    Have sold numerous stuff on here, and have found folk to be either the salt of the earth, or simply the worst folk to sell too. Or to elaborate, just simply don’t want to pay the money asked for, come up with a book full of excuses or lies, simply think your stupid.. However, on a positive note...
  19. Cheshire1980

    ORANGE CLOCKWORK 1992, 17 inch for sale

    Orange Clockwork 1992, in the classic orange white fade. Frame number A2070115 Frame size is 17 inch. So 21 inch top tube, and 17 inch seattube. Spec Shimano Dx front mech, pedals, shifters and headset. Shimano Lx rear mech. Brakes Shimano M651. Crankset unknown but works fine. Comes with...