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  1. brutuskrombi

    For Sale Avid arch supreme V brakes + spare bearings

    I am selling a well preserved pair of Avid arch supreme brakes (some bearings are in better conditions than others but they can still be used). They are going together with a set of jagwire pads, and 8 brand new replacement bearings. I planned to 3d print appropriate tool to replace bearings but...
  2. brutuskrombi

    For Sale XT 730 bits, reduced....

    I am cleaning my cellar and have some stuff for sale. I also have some other "for sale" threads, and would gladly give a discount if you pick a few things at once. Ask for more photos if needed. Cheers XT 730 Front + rear derailleurs......£60 (posted) XT 730 Brake levers + thumbshifters.....£70...
  3. brutuskrombi

    For Sale NOS Specialized Direct Drive Rigid Fork 1 1/8... reduced

    Like title says, never mounted NOS Specialized Direct Drive Rigid Fork A-C 410-415mm £80
  4. brutuskrombi

    For Sale reduced...again... Xtr m910 brifters, brakes, m900 parts

    Hi, I have some nice cleaned and lubed xtr bits for sale. Prices in GBP, shipping and handling included, payment via paypal. I will send these parts as a gift. 1. canti brakes xtr br m910 - pads have lots of life, original mounting bolts, stradle cables and brass washers - £85 (posted) SOLD...
  5. brutuskrombi

    GT Zaskar golden series

    I was offered a gt zaskar from golden race series. I found out that there are only 20 or so bikes like that so I'm wondering if there is any way to check out if it's authentic or maybe just repainted Zaskar Carbon expert. Maybe serial number or something like that. Bike is built with xtr, but...
  6. brutuskrombi

    Help identify this crankset

    Does anyone recognize this crankset? I saw it before somewhere but i was up and down the forum and could not find them. Any help is welcome. Cheers
  7. brutuskrombi

    Leather hoods for C Record brake levers... and similar

    Don't wanna repeat myself. In short; ~3mm leather, handmade, hand stitched one by one, could be stamped with logo of your choice. Leather, thread and color for edges can be customized (according to availability). 60 gbp, incl. p&p Cheers
  8. brutuskrombi

    Shimano XTR M910 shifters
  9. brutuskrombi

    Ringle Twister Titanium quick release set red anodized
  10. brutuskrombi

    Ringle Twister TI Stix Red, red and purple NOS handlebars

    One Set Ringle Twister TI in Red, very good condition, few scratches from normal use, Front and Rear, 80eur free shipping. Handlebars NOS 35eur free shipping.
  11. brutuskrombi

    Leather hoods for Suntour Superbe Pro brake levers.

    Up for sale are hoods for Suntour Superbe Pro brake levers made of leather. Hoods are molded from ~3 mm thick vegetable tanned cow leather and handstiched with waxed thread. They are very firm but not brittle and are treated for water resistance on inside and outside. You don't need needles or...
  12. brutuskrombi

    For Sale Leather hoods for brake levers Record, C record, GB, Modolo Mafac, Dura ace AX

    Handmade leather hoods for Campagnolo Super Record, Nuovo Record, Gransport non-aero brake levers. Now stamped with Campagnolo globe logo. Hoods are made of hard, 3~3,5 mm thick vegetable tanned cow leather and treated for water resistance. You don't need needles or extra thread to mount the...
  13. brutuskrombi

    nos xt 26.6 seatpost

    I got 2 of these...
  14. brutuskrombi

    campagnolo bits

    Trying to gather money for another project 1) Icarus thumb shifters - 50 eur They shift very nice and those rubber handles are taken of deore dx. 2) Euclid front + Icarus rear derailleurs - 50 eur Maybe not looking great but complete and functional 3) Record cantilever brakes - 50...
  15. brutuskrombi

    [SOLD] Joe Murray O Beam Ti seatpost 27,2 400mm

    Like the title says, unObeamtanium, 400mm long, 27.2 in diameter. No cracks, good threads, some regular insertation marks. 400 gbp p+p (europe) and lovely flite titanium included.
  16. brutuskrombi

    xtr m900 derailleurs set

    in very nice condition.... cheers
  17. brutuskrombi

    NOS Vitus chrono fork...

    for 1" steerer and 700c wheels...
  18. brutuskrombi

    Seatfelx + barflex carbon kevlar set....
  19. brutuskrombi

    Campagnolo euclid...

    ...crankset in graphite finish. I will dig out campagnolo crank bolts and dusters for RB members. After purchase just drop me a line that you came from RB forum. Cheers.
  20. brutuskrombi

    Avid SD Ultimate Black Ops v breaks with NEW BEARINGS & pads

    this one is old auction from my "spring sal" topic but after finding that some bearings spins a little rough, i decided to replace them all. here is link to auction, it's only a few hours till end of auction so I can't revise it will add some photos here.