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  1. Ollie

    Colnago Forks

    Hi guys, I'm after a set of forks for a Colnago Mexico ( Curved fork blade ) with a threaded 1" steerer longer than 23cm, if anyone has a set knocking around. Can be in any condition. Cheers!
  2. Ollie

    Wanted List

    I'm starting to make a bit more progress on the Yates Diabolo but still need a few bits, condition doesn't have to perfect or NOS but good condition is preferred. 1: USE Seatpost. Preferably silver or raw aluminium. Needs to be over 350mm in length and 27.0 or smaller in diameter. 2: 1"...
  3. Ollie

    1983 Evans ... ntain-bike From the same seller as the Overburys Wildcat, great original condition.
  4. Ollie

    Overburys Wildcat Nice original condition, looks like a small frame size.
  5. Ollie

    Hill Special ... rettyPhoto .
  6. Ollie

    1983 Evans. ... ntain-bike .
  7. Ollie

    1983 Ridgeback. ... ntain-bike .
  8. Ollie

    Dave Yates Max OR Frame - £99 BIN. ... ID=EBAY-GB Bargain, wish it was my size :( .
  9. Ollie

    My 2006 Orange Five - Large. ... 1775278483 . Hi guys, sadly my Five is up for sale. Don't hesitate to make me an offer or ask any questions. Ollie :) .
  10. Ollie

    Nice Tomac FS XC bike - £16.00 Starting price. ... 1709903129 . Looks very nice, Hope brakes, XTR, Pace forks. Poorly advertised title so could be a possible bargain.
  11. Ollie

    Orange Five Frame - 22"/XL.

    Hi guys, Bit of a long shot but I'm after a 22"/XL Orange Five frame, not bothered about colour but must be able to take a tapered fork and a 30.9 seatpost. Cheers, Ollie :) .
  12. Ollie

    Any Runners or Joggers?

    Wondered if anybody here did a bit of running or jogging in their spare time? I never really thought about running as a hobby but a couple of years ago after a stressful day at work I thought I'd go for a jog to clear my head and everything just clicked... It's now regular on a bi-weekly basis...
  13. Ollie

    Condor Head Badges.

    I thought I'd share this handy little tip if anybody needs one... Looking on eBay Condor Head badges are going for £20+ for a used one which needs a new adhesive backing or glueing. Condor (Not advertised on website) sell brand new adhesive backed headbadges for £5. Just send them an e-mail and...
  14. Ollie

    Overburys. ... 4897.l4275 .
  15. Ollie

    1998 GT LTS 3000 . Nice condition and good price at £50.
  16. Ollie

    Pacquiao or Mayweather ?

    Not cycling related but what's your verdict and who's watching it ? Mayweather is a incredible boxer but Manny is a very humble character, I really want him to knock the arrogance out of Mayweather :? ...
  17. Ollie

    X-Lite Steve Peat stem. From around 2002 I think :? .
  18. Ollie

    Full XT M750 Groupset. All good condition, includes a set of F519 wheels...
  19. Ollie

    Set of Quadras and RC36s. Good price, only need a service...
  20. Ollie

    X-Lite Seatclamp. Used condition, unfortunatley , seller doesn't know the diameter :roll: ...