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    Wanted bicycle Frame e.g. Bianchi wanted

    Hello! What size are you looking for? Also how do I start a private chat? Sorry fairly new to the forum!
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    Wanted Vitus 992 Frameset or Complete Bike

    oh sorry all! I thought I'd get an email notification if something happens in this thread, just seen this week's additions... no worries lavenell, good luck with the search. talking of leboncoin, in case you don't know that site it's absolutely flooded with all kinds of Vitus bikes for silly...
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    Wanted Vitus 992 Frameset or Complete Bike

    Yes sorry I noted you're looking for a 992, but thought it can't hurt to see if you're interested :) This bike was not a retail but provided to a professional rider for a Peugeot sponsored cyclocross team in England. Maybe not the best candidate to retro mod though given it's still in its...
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    Wanted Vitus 992 Frameset or Complete Bike

    hey, I have a 56cm Vitus 787 cyclocross bike. Have been playing with the thought of selling it as I really need a 58cm, but I have this one and another Vitus 979 in 60cm, which is closer to my size. I'll attach a picture of the frame (pic taken when I took it apart for servicing), but currently...