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    1984 Raleigh Road Ace

    Been looking for one of these for a while - absolutely mint conditions apart from the AX Hoods
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    Shimano AX rear derailleur - should it have bearings ?

    With Summer approaching I am looking forward to using the Raleigh Road Ace I acquired over the winter in some local events so I decided to check it over last night. The drive train felt stiff so I checked the BB and crank and they seemed OK and the chain is free moving and well lubed so I...
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    Shimano AX600 brake hoods

    Hi, I am looking for a set of the above to complete a build but am struggling to find any in good condition. I have found some period Ultegra 600 aero hoods online that look a similar shape. Does anybody know if they will fit on AX600 levers ? regards
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    Shimano AX600 brake hoods

    Hi, Long shot I know but I am after some good condition original/NOS brake hoods to complete my build - preferably the white variant but would accept gum if anyone has them. Good price paid. Anyone got some tucked away ? regards
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    Seat Clamp for 1997 USE Ti seatpost

    After 13 years of use my clamp bolt has sheared and rendered my Kona Kahuna singlespeed un-rideable Anyone got one of these kicking around ?