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  1. NeilM

    Pollution masks. Any good?

    It has never occurred to me to buy one of these masks, mainly because I live near the coast in North Somerset and mostly ride in open countryside. But, yesterday I took to the woods on an MTB for the first time in a long time, and unsurprisingly it was packed. Mostly with apparently deaf /...
  2. NeilM

    Ritchey Road Logic- 51cm

    This is not a retro frame, but I thought somebody here might be interested. It belongs to my daughter, but if you are interested let me know and I will put you in touch. Price around £450 plus P&P depending where you are. Ritchey Road Logic frameset size 51cm. Beautiful steel frame with...
  3. NeilM

    Weather in Wales - The best time of year to ride?

    It's a fair way out yet, but I am planning to ride the Lon Las Cymru next year, from Holyhead back to home in Weston-s-Mare. I'll be doing it over five or six days and will have a tent but plan on using B&B's and hostels. I want to avoid school holidays, so my question for those with local...
  4. NeilM

    Transcontinental No.6

    TCR No.6 just started.
  5. NeilM


    I'm amazed that this has not appeared in here yet and equally amazed it has not already sold. ... 1438.l2649
  6. NeilM

    Ellis Briggs ?

    I know almost nothing about Ellis Briggs, but this looks quality and could do with saving. ... %7Ciid%3A1
  7. NeilM

    1990's Rourke - A winter bike project

    I bought this 653 frame a few years ago for very little money. I had not got around to building it up when my daughter asked if I had a spare frame we could turn into a bike for her partner. Duly built, it was ridden all year round for a while before it eventually found its way back to me. It...
  8. NeilM

    Frame paint options

    I have a 653 Rourke frame which is in need of a repaint as it is going to become my winter steel bike. Ordinarily I would go straight to Argos as they are local and do a super job, but their prices have gone up to £160 for a frame, which for a straight single plain colour I think is a fair...
  9. NeilM

    Roberts? Yates? Neither?

    The decals say Roberts, but it looks more Yates to me, or it may be neither as the head tube logo (what there is of it) says something else. Got some nice (and nasty) bits on it. ... %7Ciid%3A1
  10. NeilM

    1990's Shimano Compatibility?

    I have just started to build up a 1990's Cougar and decided to use some Dura Ace 7400 parts I had put by for another project. My issue is that the Cougar has no down tube shifter bosses, so instead of the index down tube shifters I intended to use I now have to use brake / shifter levels, and...
  11. NeilM

    Dura-Ace 7400 brake / shifters - Found Some!

    I think these only come in 8 speed flavour. Anyone got some they don't need? Sorted, found some.... at a price.
  12. NeilM


    Looks more like a Dave Yates Diabolo to me, but with custom made frames you never know. Or it might be something else. ... SwxLVa8XtW
  13. NeilM

    Pair of 28 hole clincher rims for 1990's build

    I have some nice Mavic 501 hubs with GP4 rims on them and I'd prefer some clincher rims. Must be 28 hole, must be 1990's-ish, must be straight and would prefer silver if possible.
  14. NeilM

    Pace 1 1/8" threaded steerer - SORTED.

    I know I can get a new one, but before I go that route has anyone got an 1 1/8" threaded Pace steerer tube around 190mm? The one I have is typically about 10mm short. :facepalm:
  15. NeilM

    1 inch quill stem with cable roller or guide tube. SORTED

    Pretty much as per the title. The removal of my son's motorcycle from my garage means that I can now crack on with my 1991 Dave Lloyd, and I need a stem. The ideal stem would be: One inch quill, 120 to 135, silver finish and with either a brake cable roller guide or a guide tube. EDIT: Sorted...
  16. NeilM

    Dave Lloyd Frame Register ... p;t=378603 If you want to keep the road and ATB's separate, then post numbers in here and I'll tell you what info I have. Just a snippet: First ATB - LL89008 which Dave appears to have made for himself, the first CATS WISKAS - LL92531 and the first...
  17. NeilM

    Dave Lloyd Frame Register

    I have today received a little pocket book that I bought on ebay, it is the register of all frame made by Dave Lloyd starting in 1988 (only two frames numbers) and finishing in 1999. There is not an awful lot of detail of each frame, only the frame number, the frame type, the person or company...
  18. NeilM

    Isle of Mull Sportive - June 2018

    I have just put my entry in for the IoM sportive, this will be my third time and on this occasion I will have my son with me. As he has not been to Mull in over 20 years it should be quite a week. I will most likely be on the Rourke again, but that is by no means set in stone, whatever I am...
  19. NeilM

    Stolen Roberts

    Some poor soul has had his bike stolen, it's not a White Spider, it is far more rare. ... SwvR5aBhVE
  20. NeilM

    Smart Meters

    I had smart meters installed free of charge, on my gas and electric supplied a couple of years ago. Once the novelty of watching my daily consumption wore off (about three days), I settled back to checking my bills every quarter or so and since 2015 all has been well. While I was away for a few...