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  1. ringo

    1993 GT Bravado LE in Team Scream

    I'm usually pretty good at working out the value of things but this is slightly different... Back in the day my mate bought a 1993 GT Bravado LE (full XT and desirable team scream colour scheme), I liked it that much that I steamed down to the local bike shop and purchased a Marin IFT...
  2. ringo

    1991 Marin Amberwall Wire Bead Cheng Shin Tyre - good nick!

    If you're looking for one tyre to make a nice pair - ahem! £25 posted. Logo and sidewalls all good. Tread excellent ... tizsdvTx_A ... tizsdvTx_A ... JyDoBquPlg...
  3. ringo

    Wire bead NNOS Tioga Amber Wall Wonder Dawg

    As picture, lovely NNOS... been mounted but still has rubber spikes. Logo is A1. £35 plus £5 post. ... 5GRrbjaS0w ... bPwEGdPkkg ... rpIh9xnOiw...
  4. ringo

    USE Suspension seatpost

    Really nice condition - doesn't look like it's seen the inside of a seat tube. Bounces as should slight marks on clamping system - usual 25.0 shim arrangement... If you're lucky i might be able to karma the right sized shim for you... Pics below, very tidy... £25 posted...
  5. ringo

    Broken 100/200GS?

    Anyone got a broken 100/200GS shifter lurking in the spares box please? I'm building up a 1991 Marin Bolanis Ridge for my 10 year old lad and the left hand shifter is missing the cross head bolt that secures the bottom cover and holds the mechanism in place. I could put better gear on for him...
  6. ringo

    Tioga A/Wall Wonder Dawg & 1991 A/wall Marin Lite (CTNOS)

    Due to a mild case of blindness the pair of amberwall Wonder dawgs have morphed into one amberwall wonder dawg and a 1991 Marin lite Cheng Sin Amberwall. Both are in close to NOS condition (although the logo is faded on the Marin tyre. They're both so good it would be a shame to use them...
  7. ringo

    Help collecting in Newbury, Berkshire

    This isn't Retrobike related so I've posted it here on the off chance. I won an online auction (think Bargain Hunt rather than Ebay) and need some assistance please in collecting and packing and posting three signed Motor Racing prints. Unfortunately, I didn't realise the auction house p&p was...
  8. ringo

    Kirk Revolution (Price Drop!)

    Kirk revolution in really nice original condition.Rigida 26"wheelset 7spd cassette. Even on the original tyres (that are unworn) Biopace crank, exage 300 groupset. Bike is slightly different to pictures, if you are seriously interested post here and I'll pop up updated pictures. Looking for...
  9. ringo

    Ringos cheap but nice road bits! (mainly Campag Record!)

    Campagnolo cranks. 172.5. Really nice condition with no bad marks, threads good. Includes bolts. £35 posted. NOW SOLD Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 18.50.50 by RetroRingo Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 18.50.39 by RetroRingo Ultegra 6500 Rear Mech, Jockeys OK, some scratches as per pic but hey... it's...
  10. ringo

    Broken Shimano levers Ultegra etc?

    Has anyone got a broken 6500 Ultegra shifter going cheap please? Doesn't matter which side. I have a pair that I am restoring to put on a Bianchi but the brake rocker (that the brake cable goes through) has a white washer that is missing (or more to the point has broken up). Happy to take...
  11. ringo

    Ultegra 6500 broken shifter or parts

    Has anyone got a broken 6500 Ultegra shifter going cheap please? Doesn't matter which side. I have a pair that I am restoring to put on a Bianchi but the brake rocker (that the cable goes through) has a white washer that is missing (or more to the point has broken up). Happy to take either the...
  12. ringo

    Cotic Soul Full Bike (Medium) NOW SOLD

    Cotic Soul for sale. Frame is good with the odd chip. seat tube is 17 c-t and top tube is 22 c-c. XTR shifters, XT crank, SLX brakes. Hope tubeless wheels.Hope headset and BB. Great value at £400 posted. SOLD!
  13. ringo

    Trek STP 300 Carbon soft tail. SOLD

    Interesting early Trek Soft tail (circa 2001?) Sram running gear, Spesh crank, Rolff wheels, new cassette and chain. Wheels have life but there is some wear to the breaking surfaces. Carbon is in good nick with just the odd chip to the lacquer. This model was famous as the MTB Lance Armstrong...
  14. ringo

    Cheap 1990 Marin... hour to go. £12 Herts!

    Very cheap Bolinas Ridge... ... SwR6RaDZQN
  15. ringo

    Dave Lloyd Tirant

    Titanium Dave Lloyd Road Bike. Size is 53n top tube (c-c) and 55 seat tube (C-T) I bought this bike a few years ago as I completely fell for the paint job. In particular the stencil work that cuts through the paint to the titanium surface. It really is a work of art. Groupset is extremely low...
  16. ringo

    £5 plus post sale

    Deore Shifters 3x9 (none matching pair). £5 plus £2 postage SOLD XT M739 cassette. 7 cogs absolutely fine, pretty sure smallest is shot. If you have one, this will make a cheap cassette. £5 plus £2 postage. (No picture). Titec Seatpost, bit faded. 27.0...
  17. ringo

    Few Hope bits (Cheap!) & Bombers

    Two slightly faded red Titanium Hope Skewers Front is pretty good, rear has scratches but is perfectly serviceable. £10 Posted. Sold! Hope 31.8 seat clamp. Nice condition 31.8. £6 posted Hope Disc brakes Front &...
  18. ringo

    Nice Hope/Mavic 5 spoke disc wheels Price Drop

    Nice early Hope disc wheelset. Complete with Hope discs and rare 5 arm spiders. straight and true, bearings silky smooth and free wheel in excellent clickety clack form! Hubs also crack free! Mavic 517 rims, again good order stickers lifting slightly. £85 posted...
  19. ringo

    M739 XT Shifter & Ritchey Stem (Price Drop).

    Ritchey 1 inch quill stem. Perfect condition. 150mm (but will confirm). £17 posted M739 XT left hand shifter. excellent condition with nice solid clicks. Replace your tatty one cheap! £12 posted.
  20. ringo

    M771 XT Rear mech and Avid BB5 Calipers

    XT mech needs a clean but is in solid working order. £15 posted. Avid BB5 calipers. Extremely light use and all bolts etc... £20 posted