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  1. redzephyr

    93 Fire Mountain - to be(ater) or not to be(ater)?

    Posted this on on the Kona page but then decided to post up the build pictures that I took. 93 Fire Mountain (beater/beta build) - this FM frame was pulled out of a skip at Hobbiton by a friend of mine. Apparently Hobbits don't like "Fire Mountains"... I've asked her to keep an eye on that...
  2. redzephyr

    Kona P2 canti cable hanger

    Any colour will do. Not fussy on condition. Cheers Zephyr
  3. redzephyr

    Redzephyrs Ti Fighter

    Picked this up last year from a cash converter. No idea what it is but definitely TST made and has Dean/Kona style dropouts, must have been a custom build or prototype I guess. Asked here when i first got it a year ago but doesn't really match anything.
  4. redzephyr

    95 Kona Explosif

    Got this frame off ebay for a US$100. Its got a few dings and a dent in the top tube so I thought I'd do a respray, brought a xt 739 group for it but never got around to stripping & setting it up. With a free weekend I decided to bite the bullet and just build it. So I spent the day in the...
  5. redzephyr

    96 explosif?

    Resprayed, no decals, has a boss for the rear brake on the top tube, cant see the seat stay indents (they just look flattened rather than the deep indents seen in most 96 frame pictures), tubes definitely look bi oval...So maybe late 96 model? Cant see bottom of the fork properly, might be a TB...
  6. redzephyr

    Unknown Ti Frame - 90's TST? with Dean dropouts?

    Hi Guys, Hoping someone (like newsboy, Mojo Ti or 24pouces) might be able to help id this Ti frame. I guess its a custom build but someone out there might know better. I got it in a pawn shop auction on the local NZ trademe site for NZ$735 (370GBP). All the xtr was already on it along with two...
  7. redzephyr

    96 Kilauea singlespeed build

    Got this frame off trademe for $80 - was listed as a 98 Cindercone. When I picked it up I found it had a bad respray and decal job, no way a 98. The paint on the inside of the head tube looked turquoise? so i figured it was probably a 95 Cindercone. I had owned one previously and that was a...
  8. redzephyr

    96 Explosif on Trademe NZ

    First Post - Anybody got any idea about the size of this Explosif. Looks like a 18" to me but i can't really tell from the measurements the seller (a guy in a pawn shop) has posted and the photo is at the wrong angle. I'm hoping an expert can cast an...