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    03 Patriot for swap

    I have an 03 Patriot in Matt Black wit Gloss Black decals. It's brillo down hill but to behonest, I need more of an all rounder. Looking for a Susser XC special beastie to swap - spec on my bike is Rock Shock Psylos, XT Shifters and rear mech Deore Front mech, Race Face cranks, DMR pedals...
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    BBB Steerer extender 1 1/8

    Anyone got one lying around before I buy new? LBS had me waiting 2 weeks to not get one in!
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    I have a blue anodized 26tooth inner chain ring:- 5 studs should be 74bcd I think.... (came off 110 bcd M900 crank) Need 36/38 tooth middle ring for same crank please - prefer single speed but not fussy - doesn't have to be blue, would prefer black but not picky.
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    SS now means SEVEN speed!

    Well I made the decision today that I've just not got knees that are upto Single speed and after thinking long and hard, the lavadome is going to go seven speed! Rear mech saves getting a tensioner, crankset can go 36/38t Single ring and maybe bash ring. What's your thoughts? It is...
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    Plug in not clamp on

    Does anyone know of a decent manufacturer who makes plug in barends rather than clamp on ones? Preferably stubbies.
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    FC-M900 black or anthracite?

    Did the XTR Cranks (M900 in particular) come in black? I've got a set here in silver which need a polich but would like to do them Matt black or anthracite. Did they come that way as original items?
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    Half way through build - need money clearout

    Assorted bits available - prices cos I have to but I might be WAY OUT! Open to offers. Unbranded (think it's shimano) black QR £5 Deore LX Rear mech. Needs Jockey wheelsand the adjustment screw pin has broken of (I believe parts are available) £5 Fox spring bought in error say 600 X...
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    Black V Brakes

    I've decided that the Vuelta crap going on the kona just isn't right so I'm looking for some black Vs. I have cables and a set of Chicken stick levers so just want the brake units themselves. Got to be black (or blue?) not silver and not too fussed about being high spec. Cheap as chips please...
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    Which front mech?

    Been looking for a front mech to go on th lavadome. Apart from the exage original, what is available? I have gone new skool retro look on the setup Sram Grift shifters, Shimano rear mech. Shimano groupset, XLite chicken stix..... Gonna get some nice shimano V Brakes... So...
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    Kona Lavadome 1991 Seat post size

    The guy who powder coated the lavadome decided to leave the seat post tube unmasked so measuring is difficult. What size post does it take please? 27 or 27.2 i think but can't be sure. Cheers
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    Blue bits

    I have blue pedals and Forks for the Lavadome now I want more blue bits (was going to go red but free forks changed that lol). Looking for any red bits really cheap and cheerful - things like bottle cage bolts etc....
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    Manitou Brake Pins

    Need V/canti brake pins for manitou SX forks please.
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    Deore front mech for swap

    I have a Deore Mega 9 front mech in excellent condition. It's top pull and 32.9 clamp. Looking to swap it for B/P suiotable to fit right onto my Lavadome frame. Prefer Deore or LX but willing to take offers. Would rather not sell if possible as I need the replacement. Willing to pay extra...
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    Threadless extension

    Does anyone know if there is a way to extend a 1 1/8 steerer that currently just pops out of the headset. A rushed purchase means I have a set of forks which are too short. It there a clamp on or welded solution?
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    Free Manitou 3s - for Karma

    Got a set of manitou threes on a frame I was given but they are is a bad state of repair. Stanchions have been drilled and bolded!!! I know what losers! Steerer is threaded..... The steerer, the yolk, the bottoms and the small ammount of internals left in there seem fine so if they are good...
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    Swap Project 2s

    I have a set of project twos which are the later ones (disc tab and Canti/V pins) flat slope at bottom of leg which is higher at the back (not high at the side). I'm looking to downgrade/swap for some older ones which suit the 1991 Lavadome so I can keep a litle closer to the original spec...
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    Dog Collar Alternative

    Hi Guys & Girls, After trying to find that which is the Holy Grail, a Kona Dog Collar, I have come to the decision that I need the bike on the road no matter what so I'm going down the V Route... Does anyone know of a way to attach the Outer to the top tube without resorting to unsightly...
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    Kona seat post cable clamp

    Looking for the cable stop that clamps to the seat stem of the Konas (Lavadome in paricular) Alternatively, what sort of price does a welded to the frame one cost these days?
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    Kona Lavadome 1991 bits wanted

    I have a (purple - suprise!) lava dome frame from 1991 and will be repainting it then putting one of Gils sticker sets on it. I want to try and get it as close to original spec as possible - like it came out of the shop.... Not got a lot of money at the minute as just lost my job but bits...