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    Sold Klein Paint Job for 'Sale'

    As the owner of the Adept on page four I can 100% vouch for the quality of work being done here by @KOMRAID I have three more Klein’s and those were all repainted by @jonrock Love them all, ride them all and not worried which ice cream Dolomite or Dolomiti is copied from. Enjoy the weather...
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    Fisher cr_7 Bottom bracket query

    Hi, Only ever saw these with circlip grooves back in the day but if they are not there then you’ll have to install everything like a Klein does and use loctite. Mark
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    help for dismantling and servicing a trek mogul fork.

    So maybe there is another circlip at the top of the lower section once you remove the seal/bushing? As shown in one of your images....then the lower section is gently tapped with a hammer and block of wood to separate from the stanchion.
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    help for dismantling and servicing a trek mogul fork.

    Hi there, There should have a small ball bearing sitting on top of spring, purpose was to provide a click for the adjustable plastic cap if I remember correctly. Release any air pressure Use suitable sized socket to go over valve and gently hit with hammer to push down aluminium cap a few mm...
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    Specialist KLEIN bike shops??

    Hi Connor, You have a late nineties/early noughties Klein with a conventional 1 1/8” headset from what I see so you have plenty of options and any good bike shop can help as no special Klein tools are needed for headset or bottom bracket. Mark
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    Klein Headset Compatability

    Hi there, It will not be a straight fit I’m afraid. Although the Adroit and Attitude frame tubes were the same the headset was different. You could make it work but the Adroit would need an adaptor set so you could run the 1 1/8” fork Mark
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    Rolf Propel wheels- suspension compatibility

    100% yes! Lovely rolling light wheelset that is fine for suspension forks. Been running a set of these for twenty years or so... Mark
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    20mm through axle to 9mm QR adaptors?

    I’ll get a couple of pics up tomorrow, as far as I know they are WCS xc disc wheels by Ritchey....
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    20mm through axle to 9mm QR adaptors?

    Hello all, A couple of years ago I obtained a lovely set of Ritchey disc xc wheels from this site. Wheels are still going strong but they are 20mm through axle and I have a possible need to fit to a different bike/fork running a 9mm QR. I see 15mm axle adaptors but confused over the...
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    Revisiting DDS3 - a 1992 Trek 9000 Fork

    Hi, It’s been 25 years since I worked on one of these but fluffychicken is correct from memory. Expel the air then gently push down on the valve/metal top section (a suitable sized socket works) and this will expose a thin wire circlip on the inner stanchion. Use a thin bladed screwdriver to...
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    Anyone in Notts, I need help please. NOW SORTED THANKS

    Re: Anyone in Notts, I need help please. I’m about 2 miles away from most of NG6. Out of country from 21st to 27th but could collect before or after Mark
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    Anyone in Notts, I need help please. NOW SORTED THANKS

    Re: Anyone in Notts, I need help please. I’m in North Nottingham. If I can help let me know Mark
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    Resurrecting 1997 Klein Mantra Comp

    Yes it's a 97. The weld between the pivot ears and down tube was a weak point, main reason the yellow rear ends were replaced with black ones very soon after release. Check all the welds carefully, if not cracked by now you should be ok.
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    Klein 1999 MC2/MC3 Headset / Fork options

    Don't think so... I might be wrong but the Klein steerer was something like 1.5" to 1.3" tapered. The new all taper to 1 1/8" (although I've not got a bike newer than 2002 so happy to be wrong!) A good workshop could machine a Klein steerer that could fit to a modern fork, just depends on...
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    Klein 1999 MC2/MC3 Headset / Fork options

    Hi there, MC3 is really just the branding on the stem. The frame uses the same bearings as MC2 so plenty of options to purchase them if required like from Jon at Not used the reset racing stuff but good quality I hear. This does however mean you need to run a straight 1 1/8"...
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    2018 KLEIN RIDE / MEET - Sunday June 10th

    Only Sunday in June I cannot do :( Hope the weather is decent for you guys and here's to 2019. Mark
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    Lightweight V brake set

    Hi all, Coming to the end of a build and wanted to see if anyone has a lightweight set of V brakes and matching levers out there they would part with? Must be black Must be lightweight Can be used of course as long as in decent condition. Mark
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    Ritchey WCS 1 1/8" ahead headset found!!

    Hi there, Anyone got a Ritchey WCS 1 1/8" headset (threadless) they can part with? Mark
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    Klein Instinct handle bar grips SOLD

    Re: Klein Instinct handle bar grips Must resist......