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    1995 Waterford 1400

    Fully lugged 1995 Waterford 1400. My research suggests Waterford Precision Cycles began making frames under their own name around 1993. The 1400 series off road/MTB frames were originally lugged from Reynolds 753 switching to TIG welded 2400 frames with the introduction of 853 in 1996. More info...
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    Training wheels

    Photo upload testing. Bear with me as I dick around with uploading photos from iPhone and computer now the file size has increased. I changed the name of the post, sorry for any confusion.
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    The Rocky Mountain Blizzard lives!

    It's not just me, The Rocky Mountain Blizzard got fatter over the years too 8)
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    MBA April 1987 anybody?

    I'm looking for someone who has a copy of Mountain Bike Action April 1987! I have a poor copy of a review from that magazine and would love an original or better (colour?) copy if there's one out there. Anybody have one or can point me on the right direction? Cheers.