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    WTD: (cheap) Bits to complete semi-retro hack build!

    Hi all, I'm making a semi-retro build! Wello, actually it's a bike to drag my kids around on, but it is a '98 DBR Axis, so I need semi-retro stuff (like shortish rigid forks, and v- wheels!) Can anyone help me with the following? I'm in Bristol. forks - 1 1/8" ahead - 220mm +...
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    Ok, another clearout thread. (sorry, should have put the other wheel ad in with this...). Anyway, all pics and prices in the gallery ... tsForSale#
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    WTD: Post Mount XTR disc caliper (M966)

    Looking for an XTR disc caliper in POST MOUNT! (not IS). Can swap for an IS, swap for something else, or pay money. Ta, Leon
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    Hadley (GT) Rear wheel, excellent condition

    GT Hadley Silver rear hub, 32 hole, laced to a Mavic 517, with alloy nipples and DT double butted spokes. 3 cross drive side, radial non-drive. Light, and pimpy, and almost like new with only a few hundred miles, mostly road ones, max. pics here:
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    Cyclo cross forks with 260mm steerer

    Looking for a nice pair of cross forks. I don't trust s/h carbon, so some nice steel or ti ones ideally. Needs a 260mm 1 1/8" ahead steerer. Ta, Leon
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    FS: Big pile o' stuff, new and old

    All pics here, prices in the comments. Some new, some old. <edit> Just added up a pair of M500 Vee's, and an LX front disc And I forgot to mention, postage is included. You can have stuff for less if you...
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    18" 1998 Kona kilauea complete, or split

    In Mango colour, with original Marzocchi Z3's, and also disk only P2's. list of bits: 1998 631 Kona Kileuaua Frame Kona OEM headset (still nice and smooth) Marzocchi Z3's Kona OEM stem stem spacers & top cap Truvative XR low risers Silver Race Face XY 400mm seatpost Salsa seat clamp...