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    Steve Peats 1993 kona hei hei build

    A while ago (sept 2016) I decided to build a Kona Hei Hei, thought about what to do for ages and settled on trying to recreate Steve Peats 1993 Kona Hei Hei. Firstly because it was a pretty cool bike and secondly as I wanted something that would be a challenge to source the parts for. Started...
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    1994 GT RTS-2 Project

    Picked up a super nice 1995 GT RTS-2 the other day, one of the made in USA ones. It's in super hope with very little use by the looks of it. Planning to build up XTR, Spins and Mag 21. The previous owner has removes the '-2' from the top tube so will fix this as the build goes on. Has a GT...
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    WTB: KONA Control centre head set.

    Hi Gang After a Kona Control Centre headset 1 1/8th for my Kona Hei Hei project. with the gold top part if possible. thanks, russ
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    WANTED KONA HEI HEI frame 19 or 20 inch

    Hi Gang Looking for a Kona Hei Hei frame for my 1993 Steve Peat project, let me know what you have. Ideally 19 or 20 inch from around 1993/1994 Need it posted to Melbourne Australia. Thanks, Russ
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    Wanted Ringle Ti Stix - Ti color

    Looking for some Ringle Ti Stix - Ti color like the ones below. thanks Russ
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    WTB: Syncros Revolution cranks

    Hi Gang After a set of Syncros Revolution cranks, with rings. Need them posted to Melbourne Australia. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Russ
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    WTB: Grip Shift Shark Tooth - Mud Shark - Red

    Hi Guys Looking for some Grip Shift Shark Tooth or Mud Shark in red for a project I am working on. what you got? thanks, russ
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    Steve Peats 1993 kona hei hei

    Hi Guys Wondering if you can help me get the exact specs of Steve Peats 1993 Kona Hei Hei. This is what I have at the moment: Steve Peat 1993 Kona Hei Hei Frame: Material 3Al/2.5V titanium, Sandvik Stem: 150mm Ti Velocity Fork: Marzocchi XC500 (51mm) Fork Boots: Lizard Skin Shifters: Grip...
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    WTB: XTR M950 FD 31.8, Top Clamp, Top Pull

    XTR M950 FD 31.8, Top Clamp, Top Pull Looking for one of these to finish off my Yo Eddy, Everyting else is 950 so hoping to tie it all up with this final part. Could also trade some other XTR/XT parts if you need something let me know. Happy to pay postage to Melbourne Australia 3001, let me...
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    WTB Syncros Cranks + rear hub

    Hi Guys After some Syncros Cranks and 10th anniversary rear hub. Will consider a groupset if you had one and wanted to keep it all together. The abive will make up what I am missing on my RTS build. I am in Melbourne Australia so need to be happy to ship down under. Thanks, russ
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    Purple GT RTS-3

    Hi Guys just picked up this RTS-3 front end and I am trying to place the year. my guess is a 94 or 95 but a couple of things have me questioning this, for one the frame is marked as '7000 aluminum', but this colour is not listed on bikepedia, any help would be appreciated. thanks russ
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    Sutherlands Rock Shock Front Suspension Handbook

    Hi Guys I have recently came into possession of the following book while building up my Zaskar: Sutherlands Rock Shock Front Suspension Handbook and I thought I would offer to scan in what every you guys need, it's basically the bible for rebuilding a bunch of vintage Rock Shox. It's a big...
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    1996 Kona Sex Too frame bearings

    After riding this a lot of the past few weeks I have just noticed a small creek from the rear suspension bearings. I am wondering what my options are here? Pull is apart and clean etc. But what if they are toast does anyone have a set lying around they want to sell me, (long shot I know). Or...
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    2001 GT Zaskar Race Frame

    Hi Guys Just [picked up a 2001 GT Zaskar - Race frame. Seller said it was originally the terrible red and white colour way but has been stripped and powder coated. SN: 1003050389 also has W stamped into the BB Is there a serial number formula for these 2001 models that I can try and...
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    1997 made 1998 GT Zaskar LE

    Hi Guys, just got my hands on one of my dream bikes. A 98 Zaskar LE, going to be building this up with XTR M952 and as much correct stuff as I can find. This is how it looks at the moment. I have a NOS Judy shock the same as the one in the pic that will go on the bike. Can anyone tell me where...
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    M900 XTR Goodness

    Howdy I am looking to sell this a set but will consider splitting if no takers. Has all be recently pulled off a Proflex 955 that I am rebuilding. I rode this before stripping it and everything worked. Here is a link to the images: ... 151896835/ Up for...
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    very happy

    Thanks heaps Jeroen for sending teh box pf XTR goodies all the way down under. Came pretty fast and all was in order. Thanks again. Russell :D :D :D
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    1998 Zaskar LE build

    Hi Guys just got ahold of a 1998 Zaskar LE frame. I am wondering what the best option for forks is? Want very good quality. pretty new to the MTB game so not sure what I should be looking for. Not fussed if it is period correct or something more modern. Will be running XTR M952 V-Brakes. thanks.
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    1996 Kona Sex Too Project

    Just picked up this 96 Sex Too, pretty good nick has a mix of XTR and XT. Rides pretty well but needs a clean up. Will try and get the rest of the XTR bits I need and then upgrade the fork. More images here ... 831918275/
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    WTB: Kona P2 brake cable hanger.

    hi all looking for an original Kona P2 brake cable hanger for mu 1996 kona kilauea rebuild, anyone happen to have one spare? cheers