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    Wanted Full Set Shimano DURA ACE 7700 9-speed for an interesting Carrera Project

    Hi . I am looking for a Carrera Project a nice optical (not too much scratces ) and technical ok Full Set of a Shimano DURA ACE 7700 9-speed groupset excluding the corresponded hubset. bottom brackets Octalink shall be an Italian 36x24F crank length from 170-175 mm. Cranks 52 or 53 -39z...
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    Ernesto's answering to the lightweight ...End of 80s beginning 1990s

    here another replica of my small collection the 1992/1993 Ceramiche ARIOSTEA teambike based on a Colnago Carbitubo the TechSpec of the rebuild of the bike has been inspired by the workhorse of Danish dynamite "Ørnen fra Herning" Bjarne Riis within TdF of 1993 and here pics of the replica...
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    a further Team ONCE Look - here the Titanium made LOOK KG 292

    presenting another piece within my collection of replicas of Grupo ONCE Teambikes here the favourite teambike of Swiss rider Alex Zülle - a 1st Gen LOOK KG 292 frame set (seatpost diameter was 25 mm with fixed the seatpost with a grup screw) made of Titanium 3AL-2,5V by the Spanish Titanium...
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    Wanted FSA Wing-Pro (non-compact)

    I am looking for my replica of my Olypimc Champ Beijing 2008 Bike a black FSA Wing-Pro handlebar (non-compact) The pic is of the original during 2008 EUROBIKE my replica with a FSA Wing-Pro compact ... I want to change the handle bar Many thanks in advance - please offer via Private...
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    1983 La Redoute-Motobecane C7 ( named Prolight in US)

    here another lighweight project of a replica of 80s - this project is based on a Duralinox Vitus 979 ... this was the origin description in the Motobecane katalogue of mid of 80s. refer to the grey-blue anodized Vitus 979, which not really ideal for a mid 80s KAS or VARTA Cafe de Columbia and...
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    Weinmann hood for brake levers

    for my La Redoute-Motobecane Project I need a pair of origin Weinmann hoods for Weinmann Carrera 400 #185 brake levers here pics of this rare brake set stolen from www - I need the rubber hoods only Many thanks in advance Thomas
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    Wanted MOTOBECANE Headbadge - Found!!!

    I am looking for a new project based on a Motobecane frame set for nice beautifull MOTOBECANE headbbadge of the 80s Many thanks in advance BR gridno27
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    My honey(comb) Sweet Gitane-Princess en bleu

    here comes my oldest bike - it's a French beauty from the rare 1974/75 high level frame sets with nice honeycomb fallouts by Huret. I found this frame set, which is a type of Super Olympic or in US Super Corsa - Mico former owner of Gitane Cycles normally not build the better frame sets by...
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    Wanted Shimano Dura Ace Titanium Crank Bolts

    for my Gazelle project (and a further Project with 7400 Shimano Dura Ace) I am looking for a nice pair (or if possible 3 pc...! have one only) of Shimano Dura Ace Titanium Crank Bolts (see pic) Many thanks in advance for support my passion to rebuild beautiful bikes BR gridno27
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    Dutch classic youngtimer built from scrap ...

    OK - its long ago I started here a build from the beginning - and this build had a past... few years ago I found a TVM-Bison Gazelle Mondial AA made of Reynolds 531C tubes but this frame set was pretty but not ..., the part for the FD, braze has been tored off. ... see here the previous step...
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    vintage MAVIC housing/cables

    for a build of a 1989 TEKA-ALAN-MAVIC replica I am looking for a set of origin MAVIC brake housing cable - especially the rear brake housing, refer to the brake cable/housing goes on the top tube of the ALAN frame set here a pic of this housing - cables are not so important, can be...
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    Looking for Benotto silver bar tape

    hi - for a next project I am looking for a silver Benotto bar tape like this … I also interested in nice looking acceptable used one Many thanks in advance BR Thomas
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    90s - Ugo did not steel only - DeRosa Titanio comes a the thread of build up a Italian classic road bike by the Maestro Ugo DeRosa - stage 1 Who remember Giro d'Italia 1994. Within the stage to Campitello Matese young Russian rider Jewgeni Bersin destroyed Indurain on the climb. Indurain later means Bersin had been riding on a...
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    MICHELIN Hi-Lite Pro 700 x 19C

    … refer to finalize a long-term Carrera Tassoni Project 1993 I am looing for ONE or a PAIR of MICHELIN Hit-Lite Pro 700 x 19C tyres in mint, NOS or NIB here the corresponded frame set, will be build up with a late C-Record with 2x8 speed Ergopower shifters MAVIC SUP rims and … the...
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    MAVIC 370 Stem in 22.0

    Help!!! ... the MAVIC stem of my Hommage to the Great Irish :oops: has been cracked So I have to looked for a spare - but please do not offer one with a damage, which will seen so often. Alternatively I am looking for a MAVIC 360 stem with black MAVIC lettering :roll:
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    Gitane Super Olympic - Equipe Gitane Campagnolo 1976

    refer to a project for a replica of an old steelmade Probike of Equipe Gitane-Campagnolo of 1975/76 I intent to build up this beautiful Gitane Super Olympic of 1974/75, which saw (with great truth) the light of day in the "Ateliér de B. Carré" with the 1st Gen of Campagnolo's SUPER RECORD...
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    Campagnolo 2nd Gen RD "Century Finish"

    hi - someone interesting to change this C-Record "Century Finish" RD 2nd Gen with an ordinary silver version some Generation alternatively I look for 150 EUR plus p&p eventually - Change preferred
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    Campagnolo Super Record 1st Gen / Cinelli

    For my Gitane -Project to build up a Probike Replica of 1975/76 Equipe Gitane Campagnolo I am looking for parts or a complete group set of 1st Gen version, i.e. Pat. 75-77 headset with French threading brakes V1 in mid-length brake levers with brown "worldlogo" hoods downtube friction...
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    Reduction of shipping cost from UK to Germany

    Hi community - is there any recommendation for shipping from UK to Germany I am from Germany and want to buy a Vitus ZX1 "Peugeot Teamline 2000" frame set only from Swindon/UK and want to avoid to much shipping costs . Actual I have a quote for GBP 150.00 - is there any possibility to reduce...
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    Nippon's Vitus or ALAN - Nakagawa DURA ALL

    Hi this silver anodized frame set out of Aluminium has found the way to me and my small collection ... I didn't know anything about these this before - it's another Japanese lugged Aluminium version of a Vitus or an ALAN (the other I know has been the Sakae Litage) With reference to my...