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    1998 Salsa Ala Carte and 2002 Brodie Kinetic

    A few years ago a guy I know indicated that he might want to part ways with one his Salsa Ala Carte frames. I've admired the bike for a number of years, so I instantly messaged him that I'd be willing to give it a new home. It took a few months, but he eventually decided to sell it to me. This...
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    Wanted Shimano 739 XT brake lever adjustment blocks

    I've got a set of BL-M739 and both levers are missing one of the two adjustment blocks and screws. #6 Does anybody know where I can get them? Or does anybody have any spare ones? Thanks!
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    1993 Brodie Catalyst

    Good morning gentlemen, despite being registered for 10 years I have not posted much at all. So I'd like to make up for it now. I became interested in retro MTB's around 2009, when I was studying geology, delivered mail by bike and early 90's MTB stuff was plentiful and cheap to buy. I went...
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    any closeups of a 1991 bridgestone mb-1?

    hi, i'm about to restore a 1991 bridgestone mb-1 and some closeup pictures of the decals etc would come handy. anyone? cheers
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    wanted: ritchey vantage road rims + 732 rear hub 130mm

    good evening gentlemen. i'm quite desperately looking for a pair of ritchey vantage comp road rims with 32holes in each of them. and also a 732 xt rear hub, 32hole, 130mm. i do have a 135mm waiting as an exchange. please pm me, if you have sth of interest for me. thx, alex