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    Wanted Campagnolo #626/A downtube cable guide

    Hi, I am very keen to get hold of a downtube Campagnolo #626/A cable guide in good condition. Needed for a front mech without a cable stop. Would consider a Huret version also, but the Campag is visually a bit nicer. What have you got? Thanks
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    Chainstay clearance - is 1mm too small?

    Building up my 1963 Falcon San Remo, and have converted it from cotter pin single chainring cranks to square taper Campagnolo double ring cranks. A 116mm bottom bracket spindle gives a 1mm gap between 42T inner chainring and chainstay - is this too small? I know there will be some flexing when...
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    Chrome Plating / finding old bolts etc - where best?

    I'm restoring a 1963 Falcon - I want it to be "as new" or better, so am looking to get some small parts rechromed (seatpost bolt, brake cable hanger, some other special bolts). Probably 4-5 small parts. I've been searching ebay and some of the vintage parts sellers but can't find good...
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    What seatpost do I need (1963 vintage, 26.8mm diam)

    Hi all, I am in the process of restoring a Falcon San Remo (the early one not the Equippe version). I am finishing it with period 10 speed Campag and it has the original tubs and a rather nice Brooks Swallow saddle. The original seatpost is scratched to heck and also is only a post without a...
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    1930's component choices - Handlebars, brakes

    I have just acquired a 1938 Pollard tandem - 531 double butted frame, lots of decent parts, but it does seem to be a bit of a mishmash of a build (1938 frame, 1960's wheels, original chainset, different forks etc. It was a track tandem, but I want to make it as period as possible but with road...
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    Bill Nickson frame - worth restoring?

    Hi, a few years ago I bought a resprayed Bill Nickson road bike in order to do LEJOG. Did that, and really enjoyed the ride and the bike. Trouble is that the seat tube by the bottom bracket has now rusted through (water in the seat tube, despite me squirting lots of waxoyl down there). The bike...