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    NOS Marzocchi Bomber Z4 Fork 99 quid
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    Is it a bike or a motorbike

    Certainly interesting...
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    Flip Bike: Seth's Bike Hacks starts flipping retrobikes

    Poor sod had STI units on his first flipper 😂
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    Tidy looking marin

    Lord knows what's going on with that seat post though...
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    What's the tool I need for this freewheel?

    I've got one of these freewheels on my electric bike: and I'm wondering what's the approach for removing it. The little studs are on the hub side and the outside edge is completely smooth inside and out.
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    Apologies gradient

    Freudian slip...
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    Help tracing a memory? Woolwich/Cycling magazine/1950s

    My Dad grew up in Woolwich, London and his parents were keen cyclists. Apparently they had their tandem extended by Excel Cycling Company by Harry Excel as he was known locally (now Harry Perry cycles) in Woolwich to allow my Dad to ride with them. My Dad reckons this was the first tandem for...
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    FS Sprung leather saddle

    Bought for a klunker project that's unlikely to happen. Unused. Say £20 inc UK postage?
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    Karma: Pair of disc callipers

    Pair of mechanical disc callipers for postage only. Pads worn out, and take small round pads. I might have some spare pads in the garage, but assume not.
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    Build your own retro MTB tourer

    Some sound advice here:
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    Karma: Frames

    4T titanium frame. 19 inch. I think they are called Wittson nowadays. Looks lovely, but has a piece cut out of the headtube, a repair on the seat tube and a massive crack around the bottom bracket. Might be useful for practicing your welding on? Or wall art? Merlin (?) aluminium frame. Unknown...
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    Will this SRAM groupset work with a shimano freehub?

    My reading of the description here is that this cassette will work with a shimano freehub: ... ountry=190 Can anyone else confirm?
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    WTD: Cheap 27.5 wheels

    Looking for a pair of 27.5 wheels for a new project. They need to be: Standard quick release rear Bolt through front. Disc. ideally not centerlock unless compatible with bolted discs. Tyres appreciated!
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    Red Shimano DX Levers

    Red Shimano DX Levers BL-M600. Little used, but have been kicking around my toolbox for a long time (and moved several houses) so fairly scuffed. £15 inc UK postage? Will also trade for modern Brompton brake levers. I may also have some silver ones. If anyone's interested I'll try and...
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    Karma: Frame/fork/bits off Trek 4500 Alpha

    Withdrawn. A friendly neighbour with an impact driver managed to get the bottom bracket off. For karma: Frame, forks, stem, bars, seatpost, saddle, cables, seat clamp, crudcatcher and maybe a few other bits & pieces. Essentially, I was given a good part of this bike for free and I've been...
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    Clarks Canti brake pads £1 @ Go Outdoors ... ds-p268278
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    WTD: Titanium frame

    My titanium frame has cracked again so scoping out a possible replacement. Must have v-brake bosses and for 26 inch wheels. Around 19inch. I have enjoyed riding the 19 inch version of this: ... ometry.jpg
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    WTD: Charge pan saddle

    Don't mind if it's the tan or black model. Could possible swap your charge pan saddle for a charge spoon one.
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    Dawes Ranger

    Nice example - but I can't imagine there'll be many takers for that asking price: ... 2125071278?
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    Mystery Ti frame - any ideas?

    I'm sucker for an interesting Ti frame and I unwrapped this little mystery yesterday: ... 7675.l2557 Definitely handmade and reasonably decently - but certainly not top tier in terms of finishing. Absolutely no markings anywhere. Not even a frame No. In...