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  1. mullinino

    Pro-Flex 755

    Not a clue on pricing, tripping over it so it's got to go....wee dent where forks swung round and a few chips, needs elastomers too as those are Land Rover bushings which are solid as flip but actually make for a decent rigid ride...overall good though, LX and Deore bits...what do yees think? Ta, P.
  2. mullinino

    Led Zep covers

    Loved this, had the boys in tears ffs -
  3. mullinino

    British Eagle e-stay?

    I don't know why I was compelled to do this, but it just happened, Your Honour -
  4. mullinino

    affordable Yeti Ultimate

    Flip! In BOTH senses of the word...
  5. mullinino

    £25 Kona Lewisham

    Thanks for making me think there was a Kona model named 'Lewisham' , put me in mind of the 1989 GT Wabznasm, that did.
  6. mullinino

    Kona Roadhouse

    No it's 'Gloss Raw' i.e. clearcoated over the steel, not painted - that's how you can see the golden fillet brazed smooth 'welds' joining all the tubes...*EDIT - may be better to email Kona and ask them what to do rather than have a go yourself, they may well have treated the raw steel with...
  7. mullinino

    Kona Roadhouse

    Yep bit of rust, and nothing to do with the fillet brazing - the clearcoat was prob chipped when the bottom bracket cup was put on...take the cup off, sand the rust off by hand (doesn't look more than surface really) then bung a load of aerosol clear coat over it, should be grand although will...
  8. mullinino

    It’s raining, it’s pouring, my love life is boring me to tears…….

    "Golden Syrup better than Autosol for 'Roids" - Jeff Lynne, 1979
  9. mullinino

    Nice size and best one of the retro DB range: 1 of 500

    Well...second to one, maybe - let's race!
  10. mullinino

    Selle Italia Storica, anybody used one?

    Probably going to get one of these in honey today to replace my Spoon...only 40 squid in Planet X...just wondering if anyone has any experience with them as I can't find much online - Ta, P.
  11. mullinino

    Show me your self coloured bikes

    853 wing-lugged blue+white Claud Butler I overhauled in understated Ral 4010 Telemagenta for those inconspicuous surprise attacks...accidents will see you coming and get out of your way, so it's the safest colour you can get if you can handle the migraines
  12. mullinino

    Unrideable steering driving me up the wall...

    It's psychosomatic, you'll get over it....seriously though, get taking some paint off - doesn't look too bad there but could be worse underneath.
  13. mullinino

    Bright ideas for spreading dropout - not widening OLN?!

    If the wheel is straight as it stands now then I'd advise you to leave it alone...once you start bending it you may end up pulling it one way then pushing it the other to get it lined up again which will weaken and crack the steel quicker than you think. Just pull the rear end apart with your...
  14. mullinino

    Its been a funny old few weeks

    Welcome home, darling...the most sensibly-priced seller on the site, ye've helped me out afore by selling me a couple of silly-good bikes for peanuts when I had nothing - enabling me to get up out and off my own sorry hole, so thanks for that! We've got your back fella x
  15. mullinino

    Muddy Fox titanium....unused....

    No, Sinner - you're absolutely right my man! Mad-awful componentry for a frame that nice, agreed! For fear of also being burnt at the stake, I usually start off my auctions mad-high and come down oh-so-slowly until I get a bite...everyone else is at it, and I need to keep my hamsters in...
  16. mullinino

    Muddy Fox titanium....unused....

    I'm too lazy to look on the steerer tube today to see if there are any markings to see who made them, but as The Littlest Hobo sang so Canadian-ly...'maybe tomorrow'
  17. mullinino

    Muddy Fox titanium jobbie

    ...dollars or pounds? Cheers
  18. mullinino

    Muddy Fox titanium jobbie

    Hardly ridden, don't know if all parts are original but look period correct...ish. Thought I'd build myself a titanium tourer with it but after riding it for a wee bit my back's not 100% sure about going the 26" route now...bugger...
  19. mullinino

    It's back again!

    Hmm. Give us a while...I'll do it over on 'what's it worth', just for a bit of fun...