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  1. Clappy

    1998'ish (2017) Kona Honzo Ti

    So.... after 3 years of searching, I have managed to get the Unicorn ! a Size Large, 2017 Honzo Ti....all the way from New Zealand to the UK ! The original owner de-stickered it from the original decals and so it was bare..... I wanted to re-instate these kinda the same...but different ! so...
  2. Clappy

    1998 Kona Cinder Cone (Eggplant) : 16"

    Looking to move on my son's Kona Cinder Cone 1998 : Eggplant It is well used, but would be a good refurb project as the frame is sound, and one of the last Steel Kona's. Size 16" (bottom bracket to top tube - classic Kona measuring :-) ). Upgrades from standard : XT Thumbshifts (SL-M732 with...
  3. Clappy

    1999 Kona Explosif (Reynalds 853) 19" + Build kit 1999 19" Kona Explosif Frame and build kit. This is probably one of the last true Steel Kona Frames and a very good example of the Explosif. Unfortunately a build I haven't got time to I'd rather it went to a good home with someone that...
  4. Clappy

    1998 Kona Caldera (19")

    It is with much regret, becasue it has been a cracking bike !, that I am parting with my '98 Caldera. I've just bought a 2014 Process 134, so its got to make way... The spec is as follows : 19" 1998 Caldera : Last of the Steel frames (keepin' it real..) Rock Shox Judy T2 (will also include the...
  5. Clappy

    Hope 90mm 10deg rise 31.8 stem

    Hi, Wondering if anyone has a (black preferably) Hope stem.... Needs to be 1 1/8 steerer, 90mm and would prefer 10 degree rise... Cheers Jon
  6. Clappy

    2001 Rock Shox SID steerer replacement ?

    Hi Guys, I've just picked up a 2001 Rock Shox SID (Dual air) fork for my impending 1999 (Reynolds 853) Kona Explosif build....but the steerer might be a bit on the small side (its 180mm....and depending on the Headset I use, I have a Hope and a CK, i fear may be a bit too short. I havent...
  7. Clappy

    Rock Shox Judy T2 forks service

    Hi, Can anyone recommend somewhere / someone to service my Rock Shox Judy T2 forks? Cheers Jon
  8. Clappy

    Red X-lite Fly Stem (70mm), Cap and Spacer

    It is with a heavy heart that I am putting up for sale my X-lite Fly (70mm) Stem, matching Stem Cap and 1 (laser etched) spacer.....all matching RED. It is for 25.4mm bars, 1.1/8" steerer. In excellent condition, given age and light use. One small ding in the back of the stem (where they always...
  9. Clappy

    Hope Mono Mini (2007) Lever Clamp : HBSP98

    Hi, I am really Hoping (bad pun !) that someone can help me.....I need one brake lever clamp for 2007 Hope Mono Mini lever, because i managed to snap one when i was fitting them to my newly acquired 2003 Kona Kahuna ! Not worried if it is black or alloy....