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  1. DY85262

    Colnago Conic SLX Total Spiral

    I have decided to restore my Buckler Conic SLX. To be honest it's not the nicest of paint schemes and needs freshening up. I was going to use it as wall art but after seeing a beautiful Tommasini I have the urge to kit it out with a modern 11 speed Campag groupset. I have some Bora 2's that i...
  2. DY85262

    Wanted Ambrosio Rims

    Hi, looking for some NOS Period early 90's rims, clincher 28 through 36. Not silver though. Cheers
  3. DY85262

    Road Rims from 90-94

    Anybody roll out some of the period rims brands and models from the early 90's. Ambrosio etc that would have been used on the Pro Tour scene?
  4. DY85262

    Wanted White Flite Titanium

    Looking for a white flite please. Thanks
  5. DY85262

    Wanted Pinarello Montello , Gavia or Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra

    Wondering if anyone has a a tiny Pinarello Montello, Gavia or EM Corsa Extra that they are not doing anything with 48cm, 49cm or 50cm. I would like to give it a new lease of life. Please form an orderly queue rather than all sprinting for the line at once.
  6. DY85262

    Cannondale Lefty stem

    Hi I have a 2018 fsi with Lefty 2.0 XLR fork. I would like to change the stem. Anybody know if the opi or Leonardi will fit please? See pics. OPI, Leonardi, Original Thanks
  7. DY85262

    Specialized Stumpjumper

    Hi, I am looking for a tiny stumpjumper from the mid 90's for my girl. Her 24" is too small and I hope to find a tiny 26" for her. Measurements ctr to ctr are; top tube 50cm seat tube 31cm. I think this was a 14" model. Rigid forks preferred. Anybody? It's to be ridden so need not be immaculate...
  8. DY85262

    S Works help

    Hi, can anyone date this frame please. Local to me. Struggling with finding a match anywhere. Thanks :D
  9. DY85262

    28H Mavic 231 + Middleburn 94 BCD RS1 Spider + Pace 32/42 CR

    Hi all Looking for some NOS 28H 231 any type, Ceramic, CD, silver NOS or immaculate Middleburn 94 BCD RS1 Spider (would consider anodising) NOS Pace 32/42 Extruder groove Chainrings. Light coloured, silver preferred. Thanks for helping me work towards my project :) That has now taken a...
  10. DY85262

    X-lite Seatpost

    Hi, looking for a lovely 27.2mm early X-lite seatpost, silver with red clamp preferred. Dig deep and though shall be rewarded. Many thanks. :D
  11. DY85262

    Torker kick scooter

    Hi Wife says "Daughter would like a kick scooter with rubber tyres". Torker looks ideal, anybody have one kicking around? Or something similar?
  12. DY85262

    15 - 16" steel frame with 21 - 22" top tube.

    Hi all I am looking for a decent, straight frame and fork above sizes if possible. I would like to build up a nice rider with some used components I have for this spring. Certainly not this snowy winter Brrr. Nice quality butted frame preffered with tight angles. Anybody have anything...
  13. DY85262

    Roberts D.O.G.S. B.O.L.X unpainted and lacquered.

    OK, popping my head in again to say hello and hopefully contribute to the oldest build thread to date. Anyhow does anybody remember the unpainted DB that was built for lightness? I remember seeing at Sandy Balls race meet. (How apt). I think it had red Ritchey Z Max tyres it was unpainted...
  14. DY85262

    S-Works Team + Rockshox Judy FSX

    Hi all, looking for a 95 Team frame in small. Anyone? Complete bike considered if you have a project sat there doing nothing. :shock: :facepalm:
  15. DY85262


    Hi I am sure I have a few of these but until I find them I will ask if any are available. I am looking for size no bigger than 32 please. 50 BCD I believe.
  16. DY85262

    World Champion

    Hi all Looking for 1 1/8" headset spacers 3mm each Blue Red Black Yellow Green Anybody have some sat doing nothing? They are to give some colour to my girls Stumpy. Thanks
  17. DY85262


    Hi all Looking for a 30.2mm seatpost. Anybody have one? Cheers :D
  18. DY85262

    28h Clincher Rims

    Hi all I am looking for some 28h Clinchers for my road bike. Period 1990-2. Prefer anodized. Fir / Mavic / Ambrosio etc etc Many thanks.
  19. DY85262

    S Works M2 Team 1995

    Hi all I wonder if anyone has a 1995 15.5" or 17" S Works M2 Team for sale. Would like to build a fun bike for summer. Thanks all.
  20. DY85262

    Specialized S Works

    I fell deeply for this bike recently. It's not quite as old as my usual passions but i think it looks a realy nice transition between where MTB cross country bikes were in the early 90's and now. I believe it's 2001 S Works kitted out with XTR with Marzochi forks. But does anybody think they...