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    Wanted 1 1/4 Stem and fork

    I am looking for a 1 1/4 stem: Answer Atac in silver or yellow or a Girvin Flexstem in yellow and a 1 1/4” fork. seller mist be willing to ship to The Netherlands.
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    Vintage KLEIN (or not)?

    So yesterday on the Dutch marketplace I found this ad for a vintage KLEIN. The title got my attention so I opened the add and was dumbstruck....not a Klein This was one of the pictures from the add: So after some messages I was quick to pick this up yesterday evening. Yes, you have...
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    Wanted RD-M732 sgs

    Hi, I am looking for a rear XT derailleur. The version with the super long cage.
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    Wanted Avocet c30 or c45

    I am looking for an Avocet c30 or c45 in teal / celeste / turquoise. Long shot I know.
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    Wanted Mountain LX

    I am looking for a Mountain LX groupset or parts. Please send me a PM if you have anything available.
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    Rock Shox RS1

    I am looking for a good to very good condition for my Merlin 1” threaded steerer.
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    Klein Rascal

    I'm looking for a Klein Rascal fuselage in 22" size.
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    Rock Shox RS-1

    I am looking for a good condition, working Rock Shox RS-1. Not bothered on steerer diameter as I have one I can swap.
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    Please delete

    Delete, wrong section
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    XT PD M730 pedals

    I am looking for some (very) good condition Shimano XT PD M730 pedals.
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    Weight weenies: Extralite

    I have some parts for sale: Extralite ThePost UL 30,9 400 mm lenght. Price euro 70 SOLD Extralite Ultrastem UL2 length 110 mm. Price euro 50 SOLD Extralite seatpost clamp 34.9 mm. Price euro 10 Extradite OctaRamps 104-44T, 104-32T and 64-22T and chainring bolts Price euro 50
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    1988 Merlin Titanium

    So I made a difficult decision to sell the Yeti Ultimate frame. I really wanted to have a finished retro bike to ride this year and the Yeti has a cracked frame. In addition, the Yeti was too small for me aswell. In February I saw the Mombat sale on Ebay and this Merlin caught my attention. I...
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    Panaracer Timbuk ii

    I am looking for a pair of (reproduction) Panaracer Timbuk II, new or in very good condition. Cash or parts for trade waiting...
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    2 mm SLR brake cable

    I am looking for a front and rear 2 mm inner and outer brake cable set for my XT M732 brakes with the larger oversized ends.
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    Black XT FC M730 crankset

    I am looking for a good condition black XT crankset.
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    M6 x 1.0 pitch canti brake post studs with 10-15mm of thread

    Need a pair. Required for a set of forks that have clamp mounts (Bontrager composite) to the fork legs. Alternatively could use canti brake post sleeves that fit over long m6 bolts:
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    Rst steerer tube

    I am looking for a one inch threaded steerer tube. RST supplies these but I can not figure out if these are tapered at the bottom or if these are 25.4 mm for the whole length of the steerer? Has anyone used these on a Bontrager composite fork? I want to replace a non threaded steerer.
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    XT 1" fork crown race

    I am looking for a Shimano XT (or two) 1" fork crown race.
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    Bullseye, MavicMA40, American Classic, XTR CS M900

    I am selling a lot of parts, more to come in the next days / weeks. I am located in the Netherlands near Aachen. I am willing to ship worldwide at buyer's expense. BTW: I am interested in swaps aswell. I am looking for the following parts: XT M730 black cranks (170 or 175 mm) 1" threaded fork...
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    1” cable hanger / cable stop

    I am looking for a 1” cable hanger / cable stop, preferrably in black. Like this: