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  1. Buzzsaw

    Marzocchi Forks Deconstructed

    Due to lots of idle time on my hands recently and a few used Marzocchi forks in the shed with leaky oil seals or other issues I decided to disassemble them and see how they tick and hopefully further on replace all the seals along with fresh oil and get them operational again. Not the best pics...
  2. Buzzsaw

    Sintesi Bromont/ Kona EFS

    Just posting some post Christmas ride pics of my recent build of a Sintesi Bromont frame from UK and converted to a Kona EFS with early to mid 90s style decals.
  3. Buzzsaw

    Roland Green's Kona XC race bike frame

    Nice pics of Roland's 97 painted titanium race frame on Kona World website plus also Kona's co founder Jacob Heilbron's 92 Haole ti road bike. ... eam-frame/
  4. Buzzsaw

    Univega - WTF

    Here's a right beauty (ahem) but it'll ride like a camel - actually I've been on a camel and it'll probably be more comfortable!!! ... SwbdpWaDYk
  5. Buzzsaw

    96 Kona Muni-Mula

    After searching and failing to find a 90's period Kula frame I managed to purchase the next best thing on the Bay - a 96 Kona Muni-Mula which arrived the other day. It's not pristine condition with the odd scratches on paint and decals, minor bumps on the top tube but it's original and a rider...
  6. Buzzsaw

    Cook Bros Cranks - Delusional Price?!! ... 33a4151c7a Massive discount from massive original asking price.......
  7. Buzzsaw

    Old 80's MTB Video - Freestylin,94 Here's a classic showing 80's mountain bikers doing their "thing". Forgotten we had such classy safety kit back then and mullet haircuts.....
  8. Buzzsaw

    Rotec DH bike - looks familiar......... ... 4187fa1134
  9. Buzzsaw

    Scott Ultimate Early 1990's Full Suspension ... 5d4fdd35e9 Nice. I remember these back in the day and would have loved to own one (well any Scott from that period) with a Tomac disc rear wheel and a massive Kamikaze sized front chainring. Hate to think of the action of the suspension travel...
  10. Buzzsaw

    Scott Team Racing Bike and Endorphin Frame ... 418634201a ... 3ce1201fd0
  11. Buzzsaw

    Another Atala

    Just recently bought another Atala bike on Ebay this time from Holland. I think this might be the Super Touriste model from the 70's and probably the lower end of the range as it had non descript dropouts but has some nice lug work and brake cable routing through the top tube. Needs abit of work...
  12. Buzzsaw

    Museum Bicycle Displays

    Whilst on holiday in London recently I went about bicycle spotting at the museums including a trip to the Coventry Transport Museum which had a good display of local brands.
  13. Buzzsaw

    Unknown Old Frame

    Recently bought this bike from ebay and haven't got a clue what it may be. So if anyone can help it'll be much appreciated. It appears to be fillet brazed (no lugs), has a oiler screw nut for the bb, fluted double crown forks and wishbone style lower stays. The parts appear to be a mish mash...
  14. Buzzsaw

    Lombardy Paris Nice pics, Giro Jersey Finds

    Just recently returned from a trip to my home town in New Zealand and was digging in my storage boxes and found a few bits of gold from the 1990's when I was trying to break into photography in London. Right place, right time and I landed a spot as a darkroom troll in a small but top rate photo...
  15. Buzzsaw

    1970's Atala

    Whilst on Christmas holidays in Melbourne I managed to pick up this 1970's Atala road bike. The seller had a treasure trove shed load of bikes and bits - you could go ga ga for days looking for stuff in there. The bike itself once belonged to one of his relatives' and was in pretty good...
  16. Buzzsaw

    Old Nikon cameras

    Here are a couple of vintage Nikon cameras I bought this year. A Nikon S2 rangefinder from 1954 and a 1960's Nikon F SLR complete with motordrive. Originally learnt how to take decent photos on a Nikon F camera before working in the photography industry for ages They weight a ton, simple to use...
  17. Buzzsaw

    80's Ritchey Timber Comp ... 2c3&_uhb=1
  18. Buzzsaw

    1980s Centurion MTB

    Picked up this 1980's Centurion mtb minus wheels today. Don't know much about the brand except that US triathlete Dave Scott used their road bikes to win a few Hawaiian Ironmans back then. Gearing is all Suntour, AG rear derailleur, friction shifters and dia-compe lookalike made in Chang Star...
  19. Buzzsaw

    New old Kona MaMa BMX Alum frame Ebay

    A nice aluminium Kona BMX frame from the early 2000's. Wouldn't mind it myself but have too many bikes already. ... 8611893%26
  20. Buzzsaw

    Kona Sex One

    A very hefty price tag..... ... 44b&_uhb=1