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    Karma Krimbo Karma (cranks and other tat)

    Pm re Old basic Look Delta pedals. Cheers
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    For Sale Ultegra Brakes - 105 Short Cage - Tektro Long Drops Brakes

    Interested in cassette, depending on further details of previous usage please.
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    Sold XT FD-M771 9 speed £12 posted PPG

    Hi, is this compatible with bottom pull set ups? If so I will take
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    1992 Dawes Super Galaxy - restoration complete!

    Amazing. This picture has inspired me to do some polishing! A quick search of threads mentions autosol as a polish option. Is that what you used/recommend?
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    For Sale Road Clothing - Just the Shimano R171 Shoes Left

    Xl is 24 inch pit to pit, so too large for me. GLWS
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    For Sale Karma odds and sods.

    An interested in cantis in a box. Will pm.
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    For Sale £12 1995 Shimano lx m565 mechs, 1994 LX fd-m561 34.9 and some sp36

    I'm interested in the 73mm ones. Will pm.
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    Sold Silver 9 Spd XT Shifter

    Pm sent
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    Sold Karma, Ritchey, stx, dx, xt, headsets, saddle, hubs, canti

    Old thread but pmed re stx
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    For Sale LX DX XT & saddles, bars, Spez computer, karma

    Pm re handlebars and Tyres on different post
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    For Sale Wheels & Tyres

    Pm re a set of tyres and hadlebar
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    For Sale Rare Specialized headset

    Will pm re 3a
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    Ultegra Octalink 175mm chainset £39 posted *sold*

    Re: Hi Interested- Can you do it at £35 posted please? Thanks