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  1. Proto2000

    There is a Rockhopper under there, honest guv

    That bike is what any bike built with newish parts should look like. Fantastic job. BTW, your wheel truing stand is another piece of art, wow! Never seen that one, is it your creation?
  2. Proto2000

    Kona fluted bars

    I just broke down a Kona Lava Dome I've had for a long time , have had a handful of Kona's over the years, and when I popped off the grips I was surprised to see that the bars are fluted. I have to assume that the bike is all original at the stage you see it. Was curious why so many bars were...
  3. Proto2000

    Fisher Super Caliber done

    Found the parts for this off of a Mongoose Rockadile of all places, bike was going to be another loop tail for the collection but after cleanup the headtube was cracked so now it's a wall hanger. Mostly M737 build, rebuilt Judy XC which suspends now, only post I had that fit the frame but it...
  4. Proto2000


    All set with the weird bike now. Full M900 build, Ringle hubs and a nice no logo CK headset. Just need a cap for the stem, 1" caps are not things I have, eBay I suppose.
  5. Proto2000


    Lost the Mag fork, installed the Halson. Have the elastomers in the mail. Not sure about the Salsa stem though, skinny little thing compared to the rest of the bike. Halson boots were toast so found some Amazon things that matched up with diameters for tubes, crazy. Advice, stick with the stem...
  6. Proto2000

    2 for 1

    A bit more proper front end, rebuild kit for the Judy arrived today and was installed. Added the beef to the front end that the Mag lacked. Still a under achieving fork but it's a 95 like the bike so it's staying on there. Spent $90 to get it rebuilt to include that silly damper that will blow...
  7. Proto2000

    2 for 1

    So far so good. Have fixed the right shifter, need to rebuild the fork when the parts arrive. Full XT M737 build on it now with exception of front hub, headset and post, post will be swapped for a silver Control Tech to match the stem. The fork on there is so I could route cables and get the...
  8. Proto2000

    2 for 1

    Another Mongoose with a crack, swing arm this time, headtube is fine. Hope it can be repaired, had plans for this one. Came as a complete bike and tore it down to deep clean it and noticed the crack, bummed me. Serial number is 3148 if anyone knows what year would be great to know. Also, not...
  9. Proto2000

    2 for 1

    Added a little pop to the frame, no repaint, just a quality clearcoat. Pops now as was when it was new but with all the scars. Decided to do a full XT M737 build and guess where a lot of the parts are coming from? That fork from the Mongoose is going on too, after a complete overhaul. Only part...
  10. Proto2000

    2 for 1

    Picked up a couple of bikes yesterday, 95 GF Supercaliper and a 94 Mongoose Rockadile, both in rough shape. Were similarly equipped with component group so a no brainer since Mongoose was all XT and GF was XT, LX mix. These are pics after tearing them down. Both bikes were in bad shape from...
  11. Proto2000

    American Breezer

    I don't have any of those, had to buy a Dia Comp off eBay for the Salsa. I just looked and there are several types that could work with a little elbow grease.
  12. Proto2000

    96 or so Bontrager Race Lite

    I do like the color.
  13. Proto2000

    Unappreciated workhorse Rocky Hammer

    This was a great find from Santa Cruz Ca 15 or so years ago. Had some Brahma bars on it that were quickly removed and replaced. This is the bike that Rocky Mountain priced for the masses for fun times in dirt. Not a light bike but was outfitted with good reliable parts. Most of the bike is...
  14. Proto2000

    1988 Salsa Ala Carte

    Thanks. Yes, only a few I have seen had the big gussets. Not sure if this was standard or a custom build. Serial number is SM 369.
  15. Proto2000

    Wanted Series 1 Syncros stem trade or buy

    Maybe a long shot but I have a few stems for trade or can buy what I need. Series 1 Syncros 1 1/8" quill type. I'm in California and willing to pay postage for your shipping and mine if that works out in a trade. Not sure how hard the Series 1 is to find since I never looked for one before. One...
  16. Proto2000

    96 or so Bontrager Race Lite

    Another long time owned bike. Looks a bit odd with the tall stem but it was for one of my kids when he was teens and didn't like standard MTB flat stems. Rare I think SID in correct Bontrager Crown and ever so hard to find Boone Ti chainrings, yes, all 3 of them. Cranks are a bit rare as well...
  17. Proto2000

    RM Summit

    Thank you for the info MTBDave.
  18. Proto2000

    RM Summit

    Well I looked at my stash and don't have one. These are what I have and not correct. Is it too much to ask if anyone has the stem I need? Can trade the one on the bike or pick from what's in the pic. Not sure it's a straight trade or money on top on my end. Also not sure this is the place for...
  19. Proto2000

    Overdressed Kona Lava Dome

    Ok, to start with, this was a frame/fork/stem purchase maybe 15-20 years ago. I bought a guy out of all of his gems (parts) that he had collected as an engineer at Specialized in Ca, not far from where I live. I built a lot of bikes for family and friends with those parts throughout the years...
  20. Proto2000

    RM Summit

    Did not notice the chainring clocking, thanks. Any idea what stem I might need? I might have the correct one if I can see a pic of what it looks like.