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    For Sale RC36 forks

    So true. Eek! Pm'd proper this time ...
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    For Sale RC36 forks

    Pm'd re RC31's
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    For Sale 1991 stumpjumper team 20”

    Had one of these in small, rode it to death in the Japan Alps... Had Tange Switchblades and then Lawwill Leader forks on it- awesome frame. Amazing to see in all its glory!!
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    Withdrawn 1996 WTB Phoenix full bike

    Hahaha! I cannot blame you! I have recently acquired a super small Fisher Supercaliber 2000 so I cannot complain! Enjoy....
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    Withdrawn 1996 WTB Phoenix full bike

    Hi Rod, do you still have this bike? Would you split to sell frame only (I had the frame only in the next size up. Had to sell it because it was too big...)? Let me know the frame only price... Thanks!!
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    Wanted 26.8 decent seatpost, Flite or similar, and 1” ahead stem

    Silver Atac stem, 150mm? Small indent underneath from fork rub (Lawwill Leader monoshock!).
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    Wanted 1" Quill Stem

    Or silver... 150mm.
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    For Sale Shimano BL 510 levers, NOS Shimano XT BL M739 Brake Levers

    Shimano BL 510 levers, as-new condition £22.50; NOS Shimano XT BL M739 Brake Levers £60, posted UK only, PayPal gift.
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    For Sale Bargain Basement! All Has To Go!

    I'll take the chain guide pls. Pm on its way.
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    For Sale King Scratch's Clearout #1 New Prices

    Price adjustment bump! £10 of all items.
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    For Sale King Scratch's Clearout #1 New Prices

    Various bits to go: all prices include UK mainland postage, PM's please, then PayPal F&F. Answer ATAC 1" threadless, zero rise 120mm stem, slight damage to the underside from a Lawwill Leader fork valve head! - £27.50 Shimano XT Rapidfire ST M750 pair, taken from a race bike, so used, but good...
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    For Sale Cinelli XA 100mm Stem

    Very good condition apart from the obvious insertion marks. Comes with a full set of spacers! £60 posted UK mainland only. PayPal F&F please!
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    Sold REDUCED Manitou fs, Marin pine frs. Taperlite bars, Fred salmon carbon bars

    Great initiative. Donation sent- thinking of you Pete.
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    For Sale Xt f/r mechs, dx thumbies, USE, Thomson, flexstem, Onza and more. Offers welcome

    Do you still have the Onza bar ends? Would you do for £15 posted? Thanks.
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    For Sale Hope Screwon+Lightweight / xlite / Bullet bros

    Do you still have the Hope seat collars? Would you do for £10 posted. Thanks!