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    For Sale Intense Tracer

    Pm sent
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    Wanted Salsa lip lock seat clamp

    Looking for a Salsa lip lock seat post clamp in green and orange in 30.0mm diameter. Cant seem to find new ones or only the quick release version! Ta Chuck
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    Wanted Race face xy layback seatpost

    After a Race face xy layback seatpost, 27.2 diameter. Any condition considered as I’ll probably cut it down anyways! Ta Chuck
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    For Sale 2011 Stunning unique Orange 5.

    Probably easier to split mate and sell me that saddle ;p Just thinking of you obviously
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    For Sale Four Flites (not fork handles!!) Red, Yellow, two Black

    What are the marks on the yellow saddle? Looking for a nice yellow one!
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    Wanted Hope hubs/skewers

    Thanks for looking Ian, I do this sort of thing all the time! I thought I had this and that, hours of searching then the pin drops! And I remember I actually sold it!
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    Wanted Avid mag brake set

    That’s a no then ha ha! Yes they did make matching levers also. What’s the condition and price then mate?
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    Wanted Hope hubs/skewers

    Rummage away please mate!
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    Wanted Hope hubs/skewers

    Non disc hubs ideally
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    Wanted Avid mag brake set

    Do you have any matching levers at all?
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    Wanted Chris king

    Looking for some Chris king classic hubs or single speed in Mango/orange, anything considered as I don’t have rims yet! Cheers Chuck
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    Wanted Hope hubs/skewers

    Looking for a pair of Hope ti glides in blue, ideally 36 hole as I already have a nice set of Mavic rims to built them up with! Also looking for matching Hope blue skewers, the older style with embossed lettering!
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    Wanted Avid mag brake set

    Looking for a nice set of Avid mag v-brakes in the copper/orange colour!
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    For Sale Magura + XT M751/750 parts

    No boosters with the magura’s?
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    For Sale Pair Tioga Factory 2.1 DH Tyres 26”

    Did these sell at all?
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    Sold Curtis SuperX & 24 Bicycles Le Toy III frames

    Pictures of wheels please? Cheers Chuck.
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    Wanted 121 d521 Mavic rims

    Hi Ben, please check holes and let me know! Also what is the condition mate?
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    Wanted Raceface cranks, Chris king hub/headset, magura, Xtr!

    Send a picture please mate, they’re definitely standard not compact then?