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  1. slomo


    Gentle ride and the gears start making that ticking sound which means cable tension needs to be adjusted. On completing the ride, i notice that my chain is super slack :shock: I 'muck about' with the gears for a while and manage to achieve all gears - but i have to remove 2 links from the chain...
  2. slomo

    Certini headset.....ISO or JIS.....anyone?

    Apologies if it's not a classic in the true sense, but this seemed the best place to ask. This has a 1'' headset - the question is whether it is more likely to be ISO sizing :D .....or JIS sizing :x If anyone could shed any light on the matter, i would be incredibly grateful. I asked Certini...
  3. slomo

    1 1/8'' headtube.....1'' fork steerer.....any headsets?

    Headtube normally takes a 1 1/8'' fork steerer. But i've knackered one of my dropouts :( I've got some forks with a 1'' steerer. Is there a headset that will fit the frame and fork - that is - some sort of adapter/reducer headset? I can find 'shims', but headsets and bottom brackets scare me -...
  4. slomo

    wheels -slight play & smooth or no play & slightly scratchy?

    Rescued a BH Boston - never heard of them before but apparently they are a Spanish brand..... Stem needs changing, saddle needs changing, cahin needs changing and probably a few more parts over time. But i'm 'feeling it' with this one :) Rear wheel is silky smooth but has play in the axle...
  5. slomo

    1995 Cannondale C600 headset size.....anyone.....please

    Apologies - it's not technically a road bike. But it's got (reasonably) skinny 700c wheels. On that basis i opted for road rather than MTB. Anyone know the headset size? I'm hopeful it's ISO (not bothered if 1'' or 1 1/8''). But definitely want to avoid JIS. Many thanks in advance.
  6. slomo

    Anyone had one of these apart (suspension seatpost)?

    You would speculate that there can't be THAT many moving parts. But it is Cannondale..... Mine has started to feel 'scratchy' and WD40 doesn't seem to help :(
  7. slomo

    Desperately seeking engineer/machinist in devon or cornwall

    I find myself with x2 JIS headset bikes in pieces :roll: Tired of faffing with JIS so good opportunity to have the forks milled and the headtubes reamed (to make them ISO). Both of my usual places for this sort of thing are reluctant to take it on. Fellow member has offered, but distance makes...
  8. slomo

    Carerra Virtuoso - help needed identifying - frame number

    So the guy i bought it from 'thinks' it's a 2000 Virtuoso..... I think it's earlier than that because: 1 - it's steel. 2 - it has a JIS headset. I thought JIS kind of ended around early to mid 90's. And was certainly not used in 2000..... It's been resprayed (rattle can) and 'upgraded'...
  9. slomo

    Is this a Tange Levin headest with 'extras'?

    I ask because the 'Tange Levin 1'' threaded headset that i bought appears to have additional parts..... They look (and feel) like seals to me, but they are not mentioned in the instructions or indeed the pictures provided by the supplier. The old headset does not have these 'seals'. Are they...
  10. slomo

    90's Cannondale M Series BB help needed

    Anyone help with the spindle length please? Best guess (bike) is 1996 M400. Cranks are XT FC-M739 (5 arm triple with square taper). I took the old crunchy BB out, ditched it and then realised i should have made a note of the size. I know.....
  11. slomo

    Where do you get your 32T 5Bolt 94mmBCD chainrings from?

    Looking for a middle chainring replacement on my LX FC-M563 cranks. Think it might be time to go 4 Bolt - and make life several hundred times easier. But have that little nagging voice telling me to keep the bike original. I've googled everything i can think of, but i'm not sure any of the...
  12. slomo

    Anyone done the JIS to ISO headtube adjustment?

    So i have one of those early 90's Rockhoppers that (it seems) Specialized decided to use all the weird sizes..... 73mm bottom bracket. JIS heatset. Although JIS headsets are still available, the variety is diminishing. Ideally i would like a black headset with cartridge bearings - which would...
  13. slomo

    Help! Dented my seat stay - is my bike kaput?

    Gutted :cry: Dented the right hand seat stay just behind the seat tube on my Dialled MX20. Appreciate it it's not strictly old school. But anyone got any experience of dents like this? And what they mean for the future of the bike? I ride the bike pretty hard - use it for everything - hacking...
  14. slomo

    Suggested replacement please for weird CS20 bottom bracket

    Scratchy bottom bracket means out with the old and in with the new :) But google reveals all sorts of horror stories regarding these CS20's - thought i had better do some checking as mentioning 'standard' size/fitting and 'bicycle industry' in the same sentance just makes me PMSL. Apart from...
  15. slomo


    Now i'm generally an Indy person. But i bought some Judy T2's (i appreciate they're 98 but they are elastomer and coil.....) AGES ago - in bits, but all present and correct. I finally have the frame i was after and i plan to install the T2's. But i'm unsure of the order to put them back together...
  16. slomo

    Replacement rear axle - possible?

    So i need to replace my rear axle. 9mm x 145mm, hollow, non threaded - for cartridge bearing hub. From a CODA/Sachs 800 hub. My thoughts: Can i use the 145mm threaded axle (C&C hub) from a lower grade hub (CODA 500) that i have? (Will the cartridge bearings sit in place properly on the...
  17. slomo

    Anyone recommend good chrome plating (preferably in the SW)?

    Toying with the idea of treating my incredibly beat up old Marin to a coat of chrome. I like the bare metal look and while it works perfectly with aluminium, i suspect that with steel it is a non starter. 'Google' recommends sourcing a 'traditional' triple plating service that uses copper? and...
  18. slomo

    1996 marin headset question

    I think my headset has developed a bit of play. I was hoping to get 25 years out of it, but what can you do :( Could any Marin headset experts confirm which headset i need? As far as i can tell, it's a '1 1/8 threaded'? But maybe i could just replace the bearings? The headsets i've looked at...
  19. slomo

    strange holes in frame - advice appreciated

    Rescued this Hercules Commuter - just felt the tip was kind of an injustice..... It's a Sturmey Archer 3 speed (1987 according to the hub). Have an eye on maintaining it and using it as my runaround. First step was to clean all the road grime off. Quickly came across these holes in the frame...
  20. slomo

    rear hub question regarding swapping out axles

    My CODA 500 series hubs have finally had enough :( So i bought some CODA 800 series hubs :) The 500's were cup and cone, the 800's are cartridge. But more frustratingly, the 800 rear hub appears to be from a road bike and has an OLD of 130mm. The frame (Cannondale M400) will squeeze onto the...