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    For Sale SANTANA MODA Columbus Max OR fillet brazed, XTR, Ringle, White Industries, Chris King

    The reduction continues: Santana Moda in absolute dream condition: frame and fork: Santana Moda, Columbus Max OR tubeset, full fillet brazed painted by JB for Santana stem: steel, unknown maker headset: Chris King no logo purple 2Nut 1 1/8 rear derailleur: XTR front derailleur: XTR brakes: XTR...
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    For Sale Curtlo Team SAVAGE bike fillet brazed ex Diane Philips, ActionTec, XTR, TNT

    I have to reduce my collection by about 15 bikes... Up for sale with a heavy heart is a Curtlo Teambike ex Diane Philips - she was a Team rider and worked for Action Tec bitd. frame: Curtlo Team Savage fillet brazed fork: Action Tec, spring action seems to be okay. no unseemly sounds stem...
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    Onza Porcupine Skinwalls folding

    Hi, I am looking for a set of Onza Porcupine Skinwall tires in new/NOS/mint/very good condition. Also happy to take a set of the reissues (those only in NOS) - folding/Kevlar tires would be preferred. Please help me rebuilding my first ever Mtb in it´s original condition with a set of these...
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    ...when a Midget loves a Goat...

    It all started about 5 years ago when I first spied that particular goat´s buttocks here on this page: those curves around the fillet brazed monostay rear end, these beautiful lines, those insanely flat tubes, this integrated seatclamp, those paintjobs like directly out of an LSD trip... It...
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    TNT cantilever brakes and hangers silver good/mint/NOS

    Looking for a complete bike´s worth of these rare brakes in silver. I can offer various thinks in exchange - among them a set of NOS Grafton Speed Controllers 2 in gold or good old cash... The picture illustrates what I am looking for - just in silver and double what´s on the pic (I take a spare...
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    Flite Evo 2, fillet brazed quill stem 1" with cablestop

    As in the title - the Flite only on very good/mint condition and the stem not longer than 120mm - rise welcome, but 0° is good as well - optical condition on the stem doesn´t matter...
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    Fat Chance Bro Eddy and Colnago Master Mtb

    Hi folks, I have to make quite a cut in my collection - here go some of my cherished bikes/framesets: Klein Adept Size L fuselage in Moonrise, good conditiog with fading, one shallow dent in the top tube and some chips and chainsuck, colours still vibrant though - ideal for a runner that...
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    KLEIN Attitude Moonrise S fuselage 25% charity for refugees

    Hi, I finally decided to part with one of my favourite bikes and in doing so to give something to people who have nothing and are in deer need. So 25% of the total are going to a charity organisation that helps the refugees from Syria. The fuselage is size S, frame and fork have been repainted...
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    Mountain Goat 16-18" frameset with fancy paintjob

    Hi - as in title: I´m looking for a Mountain Goat Deluxe, Whiskytown Racer, Escape Goat, whatever, frameset (frame, fork, stem - ideally rigid forks) in nice/good/mint/top condition - some patina is okay - excessive rust or extreme damage to the paint not. I really don´t have a limitation which...
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    Alpinestars TiMega wanted

    Hi, I´m looking for a TiMega frameset or complete bike - with original rigid forks and in good sound condition only. As I´m not too familiar with specific sizing, but a 18" should fit me well (I am 1.75 or 5´10" with normal proportions). Please help me with my search ;)
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    neon yellow wheel skewers, 31.8 seatclamp, titanium 1" quill

    as in the title I am looking for some parts ton finish my current builds: neon yellow wheel skewers (e.g. American Classic, etc.) neon yellow seatpost clamp 31.8 OR neon yellow seatpost skewer to improvise with 1" titanium quill stem 0° and max 135mm long with cablestop/noodle (Litespeed...
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    SCOTT Unishock Racing Comp frameset or complete bike

    Hi, I´m looking for a rare beast like this - either a complete bike or a frameset - this colourway and M sized (~18" to fit my 1.75m or 5´10"). Cheers George
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    26" 28H rim pair silver (Campagnolo Stehno/Atek or similar)

    Looking for a pair of rims as in the title - only new/like new condition. basically every highend pair of silver rims with 28 holes would be fine for my planned build :)
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    Reset Racing Klein Octalink 1 116mm Octalink bottom bracket

    I´m looking for an adapter bottom bracket to run an XTR 950/952 crankset on a Klein frame with press-fit bottom bracket shell :) So as above - please help - Reset Racing stopped producing those and cannot supply one anymore :( An NO - I don´t think it´s a sacrilege to put the 1995/6...
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    KLEIN Adept 23" frame & rigid fork REDUCED

    I´m selling my recently acquired KLEIN Adept in Teal Candy size 23“ as I cannot find an easy way to make myself grow anouther 5-8 inches. It has been moderately drilled for Maguras (not uncommon), 2 cable guides have been riveted onto the bottom of the top tube (hardly noticeable if you don´t...
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    XTR ST-M 952 STIs, XTR FD-M 950 TS 34,9 fr der, Klein MC2

    Looking for a set of 3x9 STIs in vgc and a 34,9 Top Swing, Dual Pull front derailleur also in vgc. Could offer a reasonable condition pair of ST-M900 STIs and a like new 34.9/31.8 DP and 31.8 TP and NIB 28.6 DP front derailleurs from the XTR 900 series for trade or cash via Paypal. Also among my...
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    Ringle Holey Purple Skewers

    Hi, I´m looking for a set of Ringle "Holey" purple skewers (wheels only - no seatclamp) Condition as good as possbiel - I have loads of things for trade or simply cash waiting :) Shipping will be to Vienna/Austria...
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    Looking for 20" KLEIN Attitude or Adroit MC1 Fuselage

    Looking for a Medium size fuselage. Rigid fork, MC1 (preferably 0°, uncut), no cracks, no dents, not or only minimally drilled. Paint condition can be bad as I´m planning a repaint anyway. Good bearings and liners are welcome, but not compulsory :) Cheers George
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    KLEIN 108 mm Titanium and 125mm Titanium BB spindle

    Hi - the headline says it all - only in good condition with unflawed threads. Either trade or looking to buy - I have lots of nice retro stuff - I´m sure we can work something out.
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    Syncros 31,6x330 Titanium Seatpost vgc/NOS/NIB

    Hi folks - to complete one of my builds I´m looking for the seatpost stated in the headline... Also looking for a mint XTR 910 silver wheelset - could do swaps against loads of contemporary and retro highend stuff - or good old cash...