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    Manitou bazooka shock

    Hi has anyone got a link to a manual for the shock fitted to a manitou fs 1996 I think it’s called a bazooka shock cheers Iain
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    Wanted 1.1/4 to 1.1/8 shims

    Has anyone got any for sale cheers Iain
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    Wanted Manitou forks

    Hi Has anyone got a pair of inch1/4 manitou forks to suit a manitou fs Cheers Iain
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    Cannondale riders

    Hi All Can anyone please help me identify the signatures on this shirt. I can identify some but not all 😳 Please help Cheers Iain
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    Wanted Cannondale sign

    Hi All Has anyone got a cannondale neon dealer sign or any other cannondale dealer signs for sale. cheeers Iain
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    Yeti asx colour

    Hi All Can anyone please tell me the name of the colour and where to get some touch up paint from 😀 Cheers Iain
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    My 80/90 race bike rebuild

    Hi all Here’s my m600 cannondale that I’ve got down from the loft during lockdown to rebuild back to and above the spec when I used to race it in the late 80s/ early 90s . Raced at Malvern hills / boltby bash / Clipstone Forrest. And also did the Polaris challenge events. Many good memories...
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    Polaris challenge

    Hi all I was just wondering if anyone on here ever did the polaris challenge events. Me and my mate did but I can’t find any photos of it. Has anyone got any photos they can post up. Cheers Iain
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    Wanted Proshift front mech

    Hi has anyone got a proshift bottom pull front mech for sale . cheers Iain