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    For Sale Weinmenn 605 break callipers

    Got a pair a weinmann 605 callipers These are pretty hard to come by and hard to find spare parts which is why I’m selling! Unfortunately the cable holder on one of the callipers fell off when I was riding and I couldn’t it! Cheap set of spares £5
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    For Sale Shimano deore 3 speed front Mec and shifter

    Shimano 3 speed front mec and shifter. In good condition! £17 for the pair Any questions or photos just let me know!
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    For Sale Shimano stx stx Rc shifters brakes and crank set

    Clearing the shed out and got a couple bits for sale! Shimano stx 3x7 speed shifters and brakes. Little bit of slack on right hand shifter and missing cover bits that you can see in the photo - £8 Shimano stx RC crank set - £30 Happy to post bits and if you want any other questions or photos...
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    For Sale Shimano lx m570 shifters, mech and wheels 9 speed

    Clearing the shed out and have a few bits for sale. Shimano m570 9 speed derailleur got 2 of these available - £15 each Shimano m570 left and right hand shifter 3x9 speed £20 for the pair Shimano m570 rear wheel on 519 mavic rim £35 Any questions feel free to ask and can supply any more...
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    For Sale Shimano Dura Ace ax 27.2 seatpost

    Nice and shiny Shimano dura ace seatpost. Good condition, few scratches on lower end of post where it would sit in the frame. £45 can post for £5 or collection Norwich any questions feel free to ask!
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    For Sale shimano Deore XT headset 1 1/8th threaded

    Hi, For sale I have a Manitou Answer three forks in great cosmetic condition. The elastomers work fairly okay. Rode them a fair bit past couple months and Also up for sale is a shimano deore xt headset which I had set up with the forks and rode nice and smooth! On inspection it has 1 missing...
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    British Eagle Domo! 531 mountain bike

    Picked this British Eagle mountain bike frame and forks off Facebook market place for £30 and built up with some spare parts. Looking forward to riding this once I add some brake pads! Done a small amount of googling but haven’t found much information about these frames so thought I’d share.
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    Campagnoko chrous bb removal tool help

    Hi, recently picked up an ambrassio aluminium frame. But came with a campagnolo square tapered English bb that I’d like to remove! Ive hunted online for a removal tool but I’m not certain they are the right ones. If there’s any guidance it would be really helpful!
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    For Sale Falcon 531c frame + forks £100

    I have a Falcon 531c frame and forks for sale. Size 54cm Really nice bike and unfortunately haven’t had the time to build this bike up. Theres some scratches and some paint coming off in areas. Will get more photos tomorrow when it’s not raining! Feel free to ask any questions :) looking...
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    Can you identify this bike?

    Picked up this bike off Gumtree for £30 but haven’t a clue what it is. Seems to have some okay components than most bikes I’ve seen advertised so thought I’d give it a go and see if anyone here can identify it. Appears to have a triangular shape sticker under the seat post if that gives any...