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    Harry Quinn Low start. No bids. Seller thinks frame no. is 2342. Dies this compute?
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    4 pairs available. No stays. £30 per pair, plus postage
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    Late 70s Frenchman

    A gent with a very pronounced French accent has just rocked up at my place, thanks to a heads-up from KermitGKona88. Thanks buddy! I'll cheekily pinch some pics from the sellers FB ad, prior to taking some of my own, to show you all. Details of specification to be announced for those...
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    A Jack Taylor - really?
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    Bike Carlton Super Course 531 tubing 22” in good order This looks excellent value. I'd snap it up but it's too far away. Although seller did offer to Paisley Freight it for £55...
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    Wanted Blumels vintage black or red mudguards (26 x 1 1/4")

    I need a pair of old Bluemels (Popular, Clubman etc) for my 1930's restoration. Red or black and in good condition please, but stays not essential. Don't have to be 30's vintage as long as they'll look the part. For 26 x 1 1/4" wheels. Many thanks for looking! Andy
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    Wanted SORTED! Cyclo Benelux gear lever RHS for braze on fit.

    For my old Viking Medallist please. Last piece of the jigsaw! If you have a clamp on job - that'll do too. Thanks in anticipation Andy
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    Wanted LAUTERWASSER or similar bars

    Looking for a pair of Lauterwasser bars for my 1930s refurb. Vintage preferred, or modern make e.g. SOMA considered. Thank you for looking
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    Cyclo Benelux Mk 7 right hand lever

    One of the above please. I actually have the "Control lever damper" - that's the knurled securing nut. It's for a braze on fitting. So I only need a back plate CYL62; RH lever CYL68; Fibre washer CYL74; Friction plate CYL64; Friction spring cover CYL66. But of course a complete set is...
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    How to customise my signature with my bikes + link to topic?

    Anybody know how to do this i.e. bike name with URL to topic embedded? Thanks
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    Not another Viking saga?

    Yup. Another one... but what's going on here? Clearly badged (original paint and transfers) as a "Medallist", a model said to be a Mileater in another guise and only produced for a year (at most two) in the early sixties. Described in the only catalogue I've found ('62) as "built with...
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    Sun or Carlton?

    I wonder, did Carlton ever feature this on any of their frames? The frame is badged Carlton. Or could it be a Sun Manxman as the seller suggests? I'm watching this.
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    A Sheffield Langsett restoration

    Look what the cat dragged in - I left the back door open otherwise she'd never have got it through the catflap... frame no.52160 - 1960? I've contacted Langsett for any info they may have these decals: It seems to have once had 1/4 chrome forks, chrome chainstays, chrome fork crown and...
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    VIKING MILEATER 1962 ... SwjY1fAGXx Mine £525 TO fORUM MEMBERS!
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    Find ad here at ... 1379081009 Rebuild thread viewtopic.php?f=23&t=406571 DISCOUNT FOR FORUM MEMBERS!
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    ROTRAX early 50s road bike - what's it worth??

    I've got my eye on one of these - possibly 52 or 53. Looks like original pale blue paint, original headbadge. I haven't been able to look too closely - it's in a pile of bikes and frames and is pretty inaccessible at the moment. Has cotterless cranks, GB Hidiminium stem and has a Sturmey 3...
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    Bluemels guards - vintage

    To help finish off my Viking rebuild viewtopic.php?f=23&t=406571 I want some old Bluemels. I'm thinking Clubman, All rounder, Classique or what have you? Dark blue preferred (if they ever existed) or black, or red, or yellow... Reasonable price paid. Oops forgot the price: £20 + postage...
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    Of interest to those of a Gallic bent? ... 1372104294
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    Shimano Claris R2000 rear derailleur £8.00 posted

    Not new, but very little use. I'm not sure whether this is a "medium gauge" or "short gauge", but sprockets are spaced 75mm centre to centre. It looks like the longer one to me. Here's manufacturer's spec: Compatible with 7-/8-speed 11 teeth derailleur wheels Max. sprocket size: 25 - 32...
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    Pair of GB sidepulls. 50's 60's or 70's period

    For my old Viking refurb: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=406571 Working condition please but mucky not a problem! Thanks for looking.