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    For Sale MARIN Bear Valley SE 1994

    The frame is marked from years of (lightish) use, the Quake 7 tyres have some cracks appearing and the saddle is scuffed through in the usual places, yet I will see this go with a heavy heart. I'll be advertising my LavaDome in a bit, if that sells first I'll see if this can be squeezed in, but...
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    Raleigh Royal vs Randonneur later '80s early '90s

    I happen to have a Randonneur, Touristique, late 80s Super Galaxy and 70s Galaxy at the moment, one if not two will be sold at some point. The Touristique is by far the most fun to ride, it's a really characterful machine which never fails to bring a smile to your face. Laden and unladen, it...
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    Raleigh Trent Sports circa 1958

    These pieces of history can be very enjoyable, useable artefacts! I rode a friend's Super Lenton (531 throughout) back to back with a late 90s Mercian and was deeply impressed by its ride, the quality of build shone through. The Mercian felt fairly meh, a bit fussy by comparison. On the...
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    Saracen re frame repair...

    Re: It's perhaps worth remembering it's a quarter century old bike, unless you've paid hundreds and hundreds I wouldn't be too upset - unless there is considerably more noticeable movement at that joint compared with the one on the other side of the stay, when the frame is deflected (the usual...
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    Show us your Marins

    Re: Yes, it is the 15½ frame. When I clean and service it I'll have a look at the paint, I'd never seen one in that colour, can't find anything online either. Were biopace rings an optional fitment? Thanks for your insight.
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    Show us your Marins

    Re: Afternoon all. Having sold a gorgeous 1990/1 BV last Spring my collection hasn't felt quite the same without it, so have bought a couple more Marin since. This evening I collected this one, complete with U-brake on the rear. The push-push shifters would suggest to me ~1991, not sure about...
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    Old mtb to tourer conversion, need a little advice.

    I used a Diamond Back Ascent last year, it worked very well with its wheelbase and geometries - even better than a Marin BV which was also brilliant. City Jets are my tyres of choice, there's nothing comes close at the price, imo. At least two hand positions are needed if touring, with brake...
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    Univega so underrated?

    As mentioned above, they weren't pushed sales-wise in the UK. I think the brand was selling so hard in the States they just didn't need to bother - slightly cheaper but better than Kona as my mate in California says. I like how the 5.x/500 series are so understated (and underrated), this one...
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    Raleigh Amazon

    Congrats on your new bike justin98. It's a steel Raleigh, so the frame and forks will work well and components should be simple and rugged enough to last almost as long as the f&f - which is almost indefinitely. On a two minute test ride a slightly more fashionable (and several times more...
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    Marin palisades trail

    Re: Whereabouts are you? I'm just starting putting one together from a frame and forks I bought last year, just before buying another complete Marin and didn't get round to it before things got busy. I'll measure it tomorrow.
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    The MTB Introduce Yourself Here Thread V

    Hi guys and ladies. As a Dad of two youngish ones, I'd been away from bikes since my early twenties until a couple of years ago, mainly setting up and running a small engineering business. With a father who'd regularly cycled to the Lancashire coast to chase the blue sky (Rivington was usually...
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    Which is the best 'green' degreaser for mucky parts?

    Yup, now I've engaged the brain it's clearly not for bike chains - I should know better having used the stuff in place of diesel for years, with all the polymerized drips to prove. It's a great lubricant (I've used it in place of 10w40 sump oil as well as for chainsaws) but completely...
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    Which is the best 'green' degreaser for mucky parts?

    Re: If you're concerned about the environment, consider how 'green' any use-once degreasing agent is, as well as how green the grease is you're dissolving into the degreaser. It's probably several times kinder to the environment to use kerosene and reuse it almost indefinitely by catching and...
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    Kona 18-19" bike/ frameset

    Re: Purple Lava Dome, think it's '98 but the colour should confirm if 97 or 98. Not perfect but no dings, looks smart and original, including scratchnsniff tyres and yellow bar grips. Send me a PM if you're interested.
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    Who made this I wonder?

    Thanks. Is it in the shape of lugs? Excuse my ignorance.
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    Who made this I wonder?

    Hi guys, I'm picking this up later and haven't had time to compare with a couple of late 80s Tufftrax I have, but wondering if it is identifiable as from a particular company? The seller doesn't seem to know anything about its history (clearing out his son's stuff), but it does look to have...
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    Saracen Tufftrax 87 £25!

    Re: Well this has prompted me to finally join the forum, having lurked for ages. I could make good use of the bike, in fact just what I was looking for. Have sent a PM.